Help Build Self-Confidence in your Child through a Cubby

Help Build Self-Confidence in your Child through a Cubby Are you worried about your child’s lack of self-confidence? Does your child shy away from going out to play with other children, participate in social activities or from doing something new or challenging? A child’s inability of getting involved in interactive activities could be because of lack of self-confidence.

Surely, you understand that self-confidence is an important component of life and a pre-requisite if you want to accomplish something. As aparent, everyone wants their child to have good self-esteem and self-confidence. You want to see your child learn and develop, accomplish challenges and progress in life.

Children with positive self-confidence are better equipped to handle the challenges of life. They are more open to learning and development. So what can your contribution be in this important task of building self-confidence in your child? One obvious thing would be to ensure a healthy playtime routine in your child’s schedule because a good playtime activity can do wonders for your child’s self-esteem and self-confidence.

Understanding how playtime helps build confidence in children is quite simple. When children are playing, they are in-fact accomplishing an objective that is part of their playtime activity. For example, if they are playing on a slide, then by climbing the stairs and coming down by the slide, they are accomplishing the objective of using the slide. By doing this repeatedly, they will become confident in climbing stairs.

If you want to provide your children with a source of a healthy and safe playtime activity, then visit www.cubbyhouse.netand select a cubby house from a wide variety of cubby houses for your children. A cubby house allows your children to carry out different types of playtime activities that will help them in developing their self-confidence.

Bring home a cubby house kit and the very first thing you can do is involve your child in building the cubby from the DIY kit. If your child helps puttogether the cubby, they will get a sense of accomplishment, which will help boost their self-confidence.

Let your child lead the playtime in the cubby house. Let them decide whether they want to be in space or in countryside. Let them decide how they want to decorate the cubby and which toys they want to place. Cubbies come in various varieties and with various accessories. A cubby with a patio can be used by your child to host a tea-party; one with swings and climbing bars can be used to have a physical trength contest!

When your child plans the playtime activity and follows-through with the playtime activity, they will develop leadership skills that will improve their self-confidence. Encourage your children to think of new and creative activities they can havein their cubby house. By doing this you will be teaching them self-confidence and giving them a message of being confident in trying new things.

Whatever activity your child carries out in their cubby, remember to praise them on a job well done. Your praise and admiration will increase their self-confidence and their willingness to continue doing similar activities. By providing encouragement to plan and carry out playtime activities in their own cubby house, you can help build self-confidence in your child.

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