Every parent knows how difficult it is to please a toddler who is so full of energy and excitement that he wants to acquire new things by the minute. No doubt, most parents go through the tiresome experience of constantly thinking about new activities that their children would love. And we all know how tough that is! To think about something different and unique for every single day is a difficult job. So , after looking at all those exhausted parents, we at Kitcraft have come up with an activity that is bound to keep your kids happy for a long period. You can rest assured that with this creation, all your worries shall be put to rest.

Kitcraft has come up with innovative ideas to modernize and enhance the simple cubby houses into something that kids will love at all times. We have created an elevated cubby house for our young and beloved clients. Our elevated cubby house is designed in such a manner as to provide all the fun and activities in one place. This also reduces the parents’ worries about safety and protection.

Kitcraft’s Willow Creek Cubby House is a symbolic representation of the standards regarding quality that we uphold. We know how kids love to test the limits of everyone and everything-including their toys. Hence, this cubby house is designed to make sure that the children attain maximum entertainment without worrying about breaking something. Moreover, we are aware of the extreme weather conditions in Australia, thus our products are made from Australian timber that can stand the test of time and climate.

Now coming towards the reason why it’s so much more entertaining than the other toys or activities. Well, first of all this new elevated Cubby house comes with its very own slide which is not found in most of the other cubby houses. Secondly, this new model is a full life-size creation in which the children can sit or play and they can store their toys and other belongings under the cabin house. See it from their perspective, they think of it as a whole new world inhabited only by them and their belongings, not even known to the parents.  Furthermore the willow creek cabin house includes a sand pit area, extended elevation,  extra long deck with beautiful rails along with a slide. All in all , a complete package with all the activities in one place.

Kitcraft is one of Austalia’s most trusted companies known for its quality products and beautiful creations. For years, it has maintained its standards and has been fulfilling the promise of providing high-quality, long-lasting and strong products for children. Kitcraft recognized the need for the development and production of fun and exciting play areas for kids which were also safe and we have done our utmost to meet those needs.