The Beautiful Snow Gum Cubby House has been designed taking the comfort level of the kids into consideration, so it does not render a feeling of suffocation in the small fun house. It is a very popular cubby house for younger children because of its small size. The best part about this cubby is that it can be adjusted anywhere at home easily. The Snow Gum Cubby House is available in two different sizes i.e. 2400×2400 and 2400×3000. This outdoor play house actually acts as a spare room or fun area. Moreover, the Snow Gum Cubby House can be a good option for the children to spend a night in the small house of their dreams under the beautiful sky.

This small cubby house is one of the perfect looking and toughest cubby houses made by Cubby house Australia. The front area and the door is attached with tall wooden ceiling, so that an adults can also stand up or move about in the house to play along with their kids in their spare time. This wooden play house features an open doorway and small windows. So, there is plenty of airflow inside the room allowing the kids a healthy exposure to fresh air and sunlight. The cool passing breeze keeps the fun area comfortable and cool. That’s why, the room never gets suffocated like other enclosed cubby house.

With this funhouse structured to be at the ground level, parents don’t have to worry about falls and slips. This cubby house will definitely add charm, value and fantastic look to the backyard of a home and also give a great room for storage of the children stuff and toys. This small sized fun house can be made into a play room for crawling babies and toddlers. Putting up padding along the walls and soft fall play equipment in the rooms, parents can rest assured that the kids will have a great play time in their baby cubby.

When the kids tend to grow up, their imaginative skills become mature and their toys play a vital role in their imaginations. Therefore, the Snow Gum Cubby House deals with this aspect as well. This children fun area can even act as a place where a child can place his electronic gadgets on little shelves. The gadgets may include their IPAD, Laptop, and Tablets where they can indulge in internet browsing and play online games in their free time.

The Snow Gum play house can play the perfect role of a library or study room as well. Sometimes kids want to sink into the story books or novels away from any disturbances caused by their siblings.  Cubby house can also prove to be ideal for the children who love to play pretend that they own a small book store. Children can also sit in this wooden house for hours with friends reading their favorite story books and or making assignments together.

The Snow Gum Cubby House can prove to be a comfortable spot for the kids year round. Surely, when they are all grown up, they would want to look back to this cheerful time of their lives!