Bullied kids less likely to exercise – how a cubby house can help


Exercise is one of the most important activities that your child should participate in for their future health, and this should start from a very young age, making exercise fun and part of their daily routine.

However, there is one thing that can stop kids dead in their tracks with regards to exercise; being bullied at school when they are exercising with other kids. A new study conducted by Chad Jensen, a psychology professor at BYU, found that overweight children who are being teased or bullied while they’re engaged in physical activity are more likely to report poorer health which is associated with their quality of life. Even kids with a normal weight are at risk; the study found that if they’re teased while exercising, they were less likely to take part in physical activity a year later.

But the bullying doesn’t just affect their physical health; it can have other far-reaching consequences when it comes to social skills, academic performance as well as overall emotional health, which is hardly surprising when you consider what these kids go through.

If you know that your child is being bullied during physical activity, you need to take strong steps to sorting it out at school to make sure that your child is no longer the victim. But, in order to get your child exercising and regaining some confidence a cubby house can really set them on the right path. It may sound quite far-fetched, but it isn’t.

Imagine your child on the playing field at school, being bullied every time he moves a muscle. He is going to lose confidence, self-esteem and is going to eventually refuse to take part in any physical activity at all. Enter a cubby house. By having a cubby house in your backyard, your child is in a non-threatening environment where he will want to get outside and exercise, as there’s no two ways about it, kids love cubbies. Being in this relaxed environment, being able to run and jump, climb and slide will encourage him to get up and about. The more he exercises on the cubby house the more confidence he’ll gain in his abilities; which can go a long way in helping them with the scars that develop as a result of bullying.

Also, a cubby house is a great place for play dates; invite friends over where they can play to their heart’s content on the cubby house, which in turn will help reclaim some confidence as well as social and emotional skills. Having a friend to play with and exercise with will make them feel more secure in the school environment.

Obviously it is incredibly important to sort out the bullying issues, as this really can have long term effects on your child, but a cubby house can go a long way to encourage them to at least take part in physical exercise in their own environment with no pressure!


Here are some cubby houses to encourage your child to take part in physical activities

Kimba Castle Cubby House








Sandalwood Cubby House









Timberwolf Cubby House

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