Cubby House activities to boost Math skills

Kid’s brains are like little sponges, absorbing everything they see and do, storing them for future use. There are loads of activities you can do with your kids to boost their math skills, and to make it more fun, you can do these activities in a cubby house. So, they’ll be learning without knowing it! These activities are exactly the way to make learning fun!


When your kids are playing on their cubby house get them to count everything – how many steps, how many windows, how many rocks on the rock climbing wall and how many times they swing backwards and forwards. You can even get them to run up and down the steps counting as they go, or run around their cubby house counting how many footsteps they’ve taken or how many times they get the ball in the basketball hoop. Take a look around the garden, how many trees can they see, how many birds or even how many flowers they see. Collect some pebbles and count those too. Whatever you can count with them, do it.

Compare measurements

Have your child look at things on their cubby house or in the garden and compare what is taller or what is larger – is the door taller than the windows, what’s the tallest thing on the cubby house and what’s the shortest? Look in the garden and compare sizes of pebbles, sizes of trees or even the height of trees and flowers. Encourage them to ask questions.


Find patterns on your cubby house and ask them to name what would be next in the pattern, for example the window is square, the door is a rectangle and then a square comes next in the form of a window. What would be the next shape? It would be a square. Look for a pattern on the rock climbing wall or the roof. You can do simple activities inside your cubby house as well by cutting out shapes and they can make patterns with that or even make patterns with pebbles.

Organise data

Collect things from the garden and get your child to sort things by shape, colour and size.


Look for shapes in anything! A cubby house is full of shapes that you can name and discuss with your child. Discuss the difference between big shapes and small shapes, for example a big square and a small square.

Talk Math to them

In your everyday lives talk about more or less, bigger or smaller – use these when you’re playing games in the cubby house or playing in the garden.

Talk about spatial relations

Get them to stand in front of the cubby house and then go behind, climb up the stairs and then down, go down and then climb up the slide, swing backwards and then forwards.

These are just some ideas to get those little brains interested in Math! Do you have any ideas?

Here are some great cubby houses that can really boost that knowledge!

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Timbertop Mansion Cubby House

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