Cubby Houses, the Perfect Adventure Playground

Frighteningly recent reports show that only a small percentage of kids take part in outdoor activities, when compared to their parents’ generation. So now there’s even more reasons to find imaginative ways to get your kids off the sofa and outdoors. Enter cubby houses, the perfect adventure playground!

Nowadays boys don’t climb trees, when compared to their dads, girls don’t skip like they used to; in fact kids are mostly staying inside! So how to get them outside, that is the question. Well, with cubby houses, the perfect adventure playground. Outdoor home playground equipment, like our cubby houses, help cultivate an adventurous spirit, reasonable risk taking and also setting kids’ imaginations alight!

As Stuart Wetherell says, “We’ve always understood the importance of outdoor play to children’s development, of course, but now, it’s time to allow children even more freedom in the great outdoors so that they can discover the joys of play in natural surroundings and experience the spirit of adventure once again.”

In a nutshell, children need to develop that sense of freedom and adventure again, which a cubby house can ignite in all sorts of ways, encouraging exercise, unstructured play and imaginative play which are all critical for a child’s development to teach them important life skills.

A cubby house is like an adventure playground in a safe, yet natural environment. In these circumstances, kids will begin to exercise as well as invent their own games due to their surroundings. They instinctively create roles and scenarios which are often based on things around them. For example our cubby houses come with cubby house accessories which can set the scene for all sorts of play. A ship’s steering wheel turns a cubby house into a pirate’s adventure, a steering wheel creates a Grand Prix, periscopes turn your cubby house into a submarine dive or lookout glasses have kings and queens surveying their kingdoms or explorers scouting out the unknown.

Cubby houses provide a thrilling and challenging play experience while capturing kids’ imaginations. You could even go one step further, by creating an adventure forest or garden around the cubby house, with interesting props for even more fun and games – logs, rocks, plants, you name it, and you can do it.

Now not only does a cubby house stimulate your child’s imagination, but exercise and fun are combined, helping your kids to stay healthy and fit. Most of our cubby houses come with added extras to get your kids moving…rock climbing walls, slides , fireman’s poles, monkey bars, swings, rope nets or even rope climbing ladders! All of these props encourage heaps of exercise and fun. Before you know it they’ll be running, jumping, climbing and doing what kids should do.

There is no doubt that home playground equipment is important in your child’s life – they need to play outside for both their mental and physical health. As such, cubby houses help the process by giving them an adventurous time while playing outside. It also gives them a space to share and play with their friends and have a great time.

So having a cubby house in your backyard is a great way to keep the kids entertained and fit at the same time!

Here are some great cubby houses to bring that sense of freedom and adventure back into your child’s life!

Chipmonk Kindy Gym Cubby House Playground Equipment








Sandlewood Cubby House Playground Equipment









Blue Cockatoo Cubby House Playground Equipment








Panda Pak Cubby House Playground Equipment

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