Engage Your Kids in Active Play Using Their Cubby Houses

Engaging your kids in active play on a daily basis is good for their health, creates learning opportunities, and fuels a strong development. But it is difficult for parents to encourage their kids to be active for at least one hour a day. We here at KitCraft can help! Because having a cubby house or cubby fort right in your own backyard gives kids just what they need to get that physical active play.

Active play is physical activity with bursts of high energy. You can think of it this way, when your child is outside on heir cubby at the steering wheel, driving to Africa to find an elephant, then he sees one and runs after it. That is active play.

Active play allows your kids to stay healthy, keep at an ideal body weight and get plenty of rest. Kids who get enough exercise during the day have healthy immune systems and will not get as many colds and viruses. Exercise, like the type kids get in active play, is what to do daily they need to have an ideal body weight. Plus, kids who engage in active play sleep better at night.

Active play allows kids to pretend, learn to play with friends and learn to use fun toys. When kids are allowed to go out and play with toys like a rock wall, they will learn how to use it. That’s great, but the thing is as they are learning to use the rock wall they are learning eye-hand and eye-foot coordination as well. Daily active play with friends will help your child develop amazing social skills. Playing pretend when you are being active is simply the best of every world in your child’s kingdom of play. You remember running from the monsters or jumping over sharks when you were a child, right? Your kids will too.

So send your kids out into the backyard every day and let them enjoy the benefits of having an outdoor toy like a cubby house.

Highlighted Cubby House: Lizard Lodge Cubby

The Lizard Lodge is a large cubby house kit with a deck and an open side window to the deck, so kids can pretend they are running a real lodge! There are two different sizes of The Lizard Lodge cubby house kit that you can purchase: 3600×2400 and 4800×2400, to fit your backyard needs. Either size of this onground cubby house is large enough for several children to play in it at one time and perfect for large and growing families.

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