Find Outdoor Activities for Kids Using Their Cubby House

Finding outdoor activities for kids is important for parents to do. Your child’s cubby house can help you with that. The outdoors gives kids so many developmental benefits that health departments around the world suggest children get at least one hour a day outdoors doing something, even if it is just daydreaming! Otherwise, all kids do all day is stay inside playing video games or watching television or using other electronics. It’s not all bad to do these things, but not by replacing their outdoor activities. In other words, what makes it negative is the fact that it isn’t balanced in any way with non-electronic activities that get kids to run, jump and climb. So here are some tips to get your kids outside to play.

Here are some of the things parents can do to promote playing outside:

Plan weekly family activities that take place outside. Horse riding or trail hiking are great fun and your kids will love the activity. They will also appreciate the time spend with you, strengthening their family bonds.

Plant a vegetable garden. With a garden, your kids will have something to do outside almost every day during the gardening season. This is a long term project that will have your kids enjoying the sunshine, checking their plants, pulling some weeds, digging in the dirt and enjoying the rewards. It doesn’t have to be a big garden. As a matter of fact, it can be done in containers if you don’t have a spot for it. My daughter planted one hot pepper plant and one sunflower in two pots one year. It got her outside and I had what I need to make a great salsa during harvest.

Create a puppet theater in their cubby house and have them makeup puppet plays for you to watch. This is an awesome activity to do with play dates as well. Have your child give you the name of the friend they want to invite over for a play date, call the parents and invite them for the afternoon. If you know the mother, invite them over for a ‘Mommy and me’ play date.

Have your child start a collection of outdoor items. One that I had my Girl Scouts do was texture rubbings. They would take different color crayons and paper and do rubbings on all type of textures. Stones, trees, the side of a cubby 😉 All of these textures look great on paper and you can have them do a collage of their textures to hang up in their cubby house for decorations.

Getting our kids to play outside allows them to be in the fresh air and sunshine. It’s healthy and will lead them into making the same healthy choice when they get older. So enjoy some outdoor time with your kids and reap the healthy benefits together.

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