Get your kids active with the best daycare playground equipment

Having a daycare facility is hard work as you know, but it can reap many rewards as you get attached to your kids!

As you know play is such an important part of kid’s development and having the right daycare playground equipment can reap some wonderful rewards for your special kids. Obviously there are the physical benefits associated with playground equipment, but having playground equipment that is sturdy, safe and fun is just as important.

No doubt you’ve seen the latest federal government guidelines for play that has some alarming statistics like nearly half of Australian kids don’t play every day and also they’re wired in at home all the time, losing that all important play time. A daycare facility is the perfect place to help kids learn about the joy of play again, and of course the right playground equipment can do that. As kids are amongst friends at school, they will be more likely to play and socialise than they might do at home. But as they learn, or should we say remember, the love of play, this can also carry on through to the home environment. Of course it is parents’ responsibilities to make sure their kids get enough exercise and enough play, but daycare centres also have the setting and the kids to nurture this dying art!

Having the right playground equipment is important for their overall development including physical and social skills as well as self-confidence. Our daycare playground equipment which is in the form of wooden cubby houses and swing sets include things like rock climbing walls, ladders, steps, slides, swings and monkey bars. This kind of daycare playground can make a huge impact on how kids play as well as giving them the freedom to have time for unstructured play.

If you’ve got the right playground equipment, this can help your kids’ overall development and of course allow them to have fun at the same time!

If you already have daycare playground equipment, you might want to add something a bit extra for some awesome play experiences, or maybe your playground equipment is in need of a bit of an upgrade. If so we’ve got a huge range of playground equipment for you to choose from, whether it’s cubby houses, or swing sets or monkey bars we have every size and shape to choose from.

Check out our website for all the playground equipment that’s on offer or send us an email with your requirements and we can give you some advice. Contact us on

Here are just a few ideas to whet your appetite…

Sandlewood Cubby House









Panda Pack Gym Cubby House









Long Challenge Monkey Bars








Power Playground Swing Set

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