Host a quiz show in your cubby house

TV quiz shows get the whole family jumping up and down, shouting and having a whole lot of fun; so with this in mind, we’ve come up with some ideas on how to host a quiz show in your cubby house for ultimate family fun and bonding time.

Part of the idea of this game show is to get to know each other better as a family, see what makes you all tick, your likes, your dislikes and of course see who will reign supreme in the ultimate family challenge!

What you’ll need

• 4 players plus a game show host (if there are only four of you, somebody can be player and host)
• A list of questions with multiple choice answers. You can choose any questions that you think will get family members to understand each other, for example; favourite food, favourite sweet treat, best friend, favourite toy, favourite activity, least favourite activity, where would they want to go on holiday, if they had to be a movie character what would it be. Create your questions that relate specifically to your family. Get your kids involved in what questions they would like to ask as well
• Notepads and pens or pencils for everyone to write their names down
• Some small prizes – plastic coins or paper money or small sweet treats
• Some cushions or tables and chairs to sit on in your cubby house

How to play

• Nominate the game show host
• The game show host will be the one who reads out all the questions
• Choose who will be the first contestant
• Contestant #1 has to go outside the cubby house, perhaps onto the veranda or deck, and the game show host asks the remaining players a question about contestant #1 with multiple choice answers
• All the players need to write down what they think their answer is
• Contestant #1 comes back in to the room
• The game show host will ask them the question and they need to choose their answer from the multiple choice options
• Each other player holds up their answers and whoever got the answer right gets a prize, like a gold coin. They need to keep these gold coins
• The winning player will now be contestant #2 and they leave the room
• You follow the same steps as you did for the first contestant
• You can keep going for as long as you like!

Here are some great cubby houses to host a quiz show in your cubby house!

The Queenslander Cubby House








Timbertop Cubby House









Sandlewood Cubby House

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