How to Have an Outdoor Photo Scavenger Hunt

At Kitcraft, we’re seriously passionate about play and getting kids outside, so we’ve found a great activity that your kids will love and so will you! Get ready for an outdoor photo scavenger hunt and a great way to enjoy the outdoors!

An outdoor photo scavenger hunt allows your kids to connect with nature and to discover, explore and learn all at the same time. By combining a camera they can really let their creativity loose and appreciate the beauty of what they find and enhance their observations skills at the same time! To make it a real fun activity, let your kids dress the part and set up base camp inside a cubby house.

What you need

• Digital camera or phone for each player
• Scavenger hunt list – you can include stones, leaves, bark, insects or flowers. Be creative and think of fun and interesting things they can find around your backyard.
• Pen or pencil
• Timer

Preparation Time

It will take about 30 minutes to make your scavenger hunt list.

How long does the game take

About 15 to 30 minutes for the hunt and then you can spend as much time as you want viewing your awesome photos


Cubby house and your backyard

How to Have a Photo Scavenger Hunt

The object of the game is to be the first to find and photograph all the items on the list within a given time frame.

• The first thing to do is make the scavenger hunt list. Also decide if you’re going to play in teams or individuals, this will depend on how many of you there are as well as the ages of your kids. Make sure that the list is age appropriate – you might want to have pictures or words of what needs to be found, depending on ages. Something to consider when making the list is to understand what insects, birds or animals are local to your area and you’ve seen in your backyard. Study field guides and make sure you have pictures to show the kids. Also consider things like clouds, or ants carrying food or something similar so that your kids can really appreciate all that’s around them.

• Once you’ve got your lists, print a copy for each player. Take a seat at base station, AKA cubby house, and study what needs to be found. Give each player a pen or pencil so they can mark off everything they find.

• Now you need to explain the rules! Each person needs to find as many items on the list, take a photograph and mark it off on their list. They will do this within a certain time.

• Then make sure that everyone knows how to work their cameras! Teach your kids ways to take a picture – tell them to focus on what they’re taking, try to keep a steady hand and also to wait for the click so they know the photo’s been taken. Also remind them about how light affects photographs. Part of the rules of the game is that what they find will need to be recognisable; this will encourage them to take care when snapping away.

• Start the time and off you go. You can decide how long you’ll play for but around 20 minutes should be enough time.

• Once the timer marks the end of the game, everyone needs to return to the cubby house to compare notes and see who the winner is!

• You can all take a look at the photos, count up who found the most objects and give a little prize if you wish to the photo scavenger hunting king or queen!

• Now you can take this a little bit further…once the game is over why don’t you sit around on the veranda of the cubby house and discuss what’s been found. Let your kids explain a few things about what they’ve found. You could also do some research together afterwards and find some interesting facts for the kids about what they’ve found.

• If they want, get the pictures printed off and they can keep a journal of what they’ve found. You can encourage this game every season, as there will be different things to find.

• You could even print off the pictures and let the kids frame them and hang them up in their cubby house, just like a real home and it will also remind them of the beauty of nature.

• For a variation of this, you could choose different themes – let’s say your kids are really into a game like Minecraft, you could get pictures of things like creepers, houses, tree houses or anything that you find in Minecraft and hide them around your backyard and in the cubby house, just to add a new twist. You could change the theme dependant on their interests.

So that’s how to have an outdoor photo scavenger hunt! This is sure to delight the family, go and snap and have fun!

Here are some cubby houses, perfect for the base station for the adventurous photo scavenger hunt.

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Timbertop Cubby House Playground Equipment

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