How to Plan the Perfect Play Date with Your Cubby House

All kids like to be social and play with friends. If your child doesn’t live in a neighborhood full of kids to play with or they just don’t live close enough to the friends to play with them all of the time, you will have to set up a play date for them to enjoy their friends company.

Making a play date with your kids friends is as simple as calling the parents and picking a time to have the children over. If you know the parents, that’s great. It will make the planning easier. If not, introduce yourself and offer to allow them to come along if they need to check you out.

Fun Things to Do on a Play Date in Their Cubby House

Let the kids have an art day in their cubby house. Outfit them with paper, watercolors and brushes, markers, crayons, coloring books, stickers, kids, scissors, old magazines and glue sticks. Show the kids how to make a collage by cutting out pictures in the magazines and gluing them on construction paper. Show the kids how to make leaf and bark rubbings with their white paper and crayons.

Put together a fun and tasty picnic for the kids. Make moose lips by sticking together two slices of apple with peanut butter or fruit kabobs with melon and grapes. Or simple peanut butter and jelly sandwiches will be the hit of the day – everyone loves PB&J!

Let the kids have some unstructured play time. Time to be creative and have fun in faraway places. They may want to go to the moon or sail the high seas. Or you may want to let your daughter take her dolls out and play house with her friend.

If your kids are a little older, let them pack their own lunch and board games and activities to take out to their cubby house. They can entertain themselves for hours with a fun pack of things to do and good food to eat. Be sure to have one water bottle per child and they will be all set. They will feel like they are off on an adventure and you will be keeping them safe right in their your own backyard.

Having a cubby house is fun on any given day, but it is great fun with a friend. I hope your child enjoys their play date!

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cubby house

Your child is going to burst with excitement the first time they are waiting for friends to come sleep out in their cubby house with them. Having a cubby like this one is a real treat, they will feel like they really have a space that is all their own. And they will. Get a table and a set of chairs for the deck and your child will have a place to play games, do puzzles and have a picnic or snack. Sleepovers are going to happen and you won’t have to be up all night listening to the giggling. And the beautiful design will make your backyard the envy of the entire neighborhood.

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