It’s Here! The New PlayLock Kids Furniture Range!

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Kitcraft has begun selling the coolest set of kid’s furniture in all of Australia. It’s called PlayLock and the entire range is put together in a way that there are no screws or glue. It is locked together with a series of eyes and wooden flaps, like a 3D puzzle. It makes the furniture sturdy for kids to play tough and parents not to worry about the pieces falling apart like they would with cheap kids furniture or pop like what happens with blow up furniture.

As KitCraft has been a trusted source for your kids outdoor toys, playhouses, cubby houses and fort, we can tell you that you will love this new line of indoor play furniture too. Your kids will get a kick out of the many different animal friends they can have in their playroom or bedroom. Or you may want to buy some of the PlayLock furniture for their cubby house – the Doll Cradle and Bear Rocking Chair would be perfect!

Just imagine how much fun your child will have playing with their new furniture, doing art projects on their own table and chairs, even putting away their books on their Joey Shelf – that’s right, they will enjoy picking up! And let’s take a minute to talk about the cost. It is amazing that you can get this quality for such a low price.

Check out our PlayLock furniture and grab a piece or two for your kids. We guarantee you are going to love it!

About KitCraft’s Playlock Kids’ Furniture

Playlock is a unique brand of kids indoor furniture that your child will love throughout his childhood. They will get so much use out of this range of children’s furniture – for both fun and organizational reasons. The toy boxes double as benches and places to sit things on, the chairs become massive elephants and fun bears. Your kids will have so much fun using their indoor Playlock furniture. The piece of furniture you order will be shipped to you flat with clear instructions on how to assemble. The pieces lock together so, you will not need any screws or glue.

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