Kids Sleepovers in the Cubby House

So, you have adventurous kids or they just think that they are 😉 They want to spend a night outside in their cubby house. Okay, you think, it might not be that bad…. and really it won’t. Kids love spending the night outdoors and if you have the cubby in a safe place where the kids can easily find their way back into the house should there be a need, let them go for it!

Here are some tips for you to help your kids have an awesome overnight in their cubby house:

Make sure no one has to be anywhere early the next day, they may have trouble getting some real rest until later in the evening than they normally do.

Prepare for the weather. If it looks like there is going to be a storm, pick another night to do the outing. If it is cool, you’ll want to dress warmly and have comfortable blankets.

Set up cots or mats to keep up off the floor. It will help you keep warm and comfortable.

Bring friends! Both the real and pretend kind. A play date sleep over outside is tons of fun with friends from school . Plus, you need your teddy bear to come too, right? I know I would.

Make snacks simple and don’t serve any soda – or you will have the little ones coming in and out all night for the bathroom.

Give them an alternative, even if you think they will make it all night. A storm might come up suddenly or someone could get sick. So, have a spot all picked out in the family room where they can crash if need be.

Keep stories and games fun and light and not scary. Or you may find that they want to sleep with you that night instead. Believe, even if they give you the “I’m 12-years-old and I can handle it.” line. I fell for that once and I did not get a wink of sleep that night :/ So, save the scary stories for when they are in their own room.

Check on the kids often, pretend to bring another snack, but don’t hover.

If your kids are younger, sleep outside with them. It will be a fun bonding experience.

If it is just your kids or you and your kids, share a favorite story and enjoy some of their tales.

If you are allowing friends to sleepover as well, you’ll want to set the ground rules on things like not walking around the neighborhood after everyone is asleep, keeping the noise level down so the neighbors don’t call, etc. Otherwise, let them have some fun with their ‘independence’.

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cubby house

Your child is going to burst with excitement the first time they are waiting for friends to come sleep out in their cubby house with them. Having a cubby like this one is a real treat, they will feel like they really have a space that is all their own. And they will. Get a table and a set of chairs for the deck and your child will have a place to play games, do puzzles and have a picnic or snack. Sleepovers are going to happen and you won’t have to be up all night listening to the giggling. And the beautiful design will make your backyard the envy of the entire neighborhood.

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