Kitcraft now offers interest free layby

At Kitcraft we’re passionate about the fact that kids should play in order to lead to happier and healthier lives! We’ve been taking note of what you’ve been asking us and we’re super excited to announce that Kitcraft now offers interest free layby options, to make getting that cubby house more achievable.

Every child deserves the freedom and fun of playtime, and with our new interest free layby options, we’re hoping to make that dream a reality for more Australian kids and families.

So let play reign supreme in your household with a super cool cubby house from Kitcraft. We’ve got the most amazing home playground equipment that you could ever wish for from cubby houses to swing sets to spring rockers and monkey bars!

We have cubby houses and home playground equipment for sale from the small and gorgeous, to the large and amazing. Whatever DIY cubby house you’re looking for, you’ll find it at Kitcraft. A cubby could be one of the best investments you make in your child’s health and happiness.

How do our interest free layby’s work?

In order to qualify for the interest free layby option*, the total payment must be made within a 90 day period and we spread out your payments over that time. There are no minimum deposits either, so as you can see getting that dream cubby house can now be a reality! That’s it – simple!

If you’re interested in finding out more about our interest free layby options please email us at for further information.

But is a cubby house really a good investment?

You might be wondering whether a cubby house really is a good investment or not. Well we can certainly tell you that they have some amazing benefits for your child, from health to happiness. Besides the physical, social and emotional benefits a wooden cubby house will last you for years and years as they are stronger than plastic cubby houses.
Now that we offer interest free layby options, making it more affordable, here are some great reasons why you should consider investing in a cubby house.
• A cubby house encourages play which develops imagination, creativity, social skills, problem solving skills, learning to share and negotiation skills. You can add some great cubby house accessories to add to the fun like steering wheels or telescopes, binoculars or even a ship’s steering wheel and their cubby will transform into whatever they want it to be!
• Our cubby houses are built with kids health in mind and just being outside playing on their cubby houses will get them working all their major muscle groups for health and fitness.
• A cubby house will certainly get your kids outdoors, connecting them to nature and appreciating our environment.
• Kids learn to play by themselves on a cubby house which teaches them how to be independent.
• A cubby house is the perfect backdrop for unstructured play, which is free play in other words. Unstructured play has many benefits but allows your children the freedom to play away from rules and structures which allows them to learn in their own way.

So not only is a cubby house a fantastic investment due to the many benefits to your child, but with our interest free layby options, you could be one step closer to backyard heaven.

These are the amazing benefits of a cubby house, and if you’re interested in buying one, please check in to our Facebook page for the latest updates.

Here is just a teaser of some of the many cubby houses we have on offer. Visit our home page for more!

Tumbleweed Lodge Cubby house – brand new release








Chipmonk Kindy Gym Cubby House








Bandicoot Castle Cubby House








Panda Pak Kids Gym Cubby House – brand new release







*Interest free layby does not apply to cubby houses on sale

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