Knights and Princess Party Ideas with a Cubby House

When you have young children in day care centers, birthday parties are often for both boys and girls. That is why the Knights and Princess party idea is perfect for that age group. When you have a cubby house in your backyard, you have the perfect castle that the kids are going to love. Here are some tips for throwing a Knights and Princess party in your backyard:

Change the cubby house into a castle. Create a moat around the cubby house. Add an old knights flag at the peak of the cubby.

Buy props for kids to wear like tiaras and a knight’s helmet. If you buy sword type toys, be sure they are very soft and not dangerous to play with.

A dragon piñata is a fun activity for knights and princess parties.

Create a royal banquet using gold colored paper plates, goblets and confetti on the table.

For games, fill colored plastic eggs with small prizes and have a dragon egg hunt.

A rounding game of leap frog is fun for princesses and knights.

Make your own sundaes or frost your own cupcakes is a fun activity and a yummy snack.

Another fun activity when you are outdoors is flying a kite. You can make your own and decorate it with princess or knight colors and pictures. Here are some directions for kite making: Make a Kite.

You can play a princess or knight dress up relay game. Simply chose teams, fill one bag of dress up clothes per team. To start the race, you say go! Then, the first person puts on all of the clothes in the dress up bag. And then takes it all off, putting the stuff back in the bag. Then the next child does the same thing, until all of the kids on the team have dressed and undress in the dress-up clothes. First team finished wins.

I hope you enjoyed our Princess and Knight party ideas. If you decided to hold a princess and nights party, please send us a picture of your cubby house – we would love to see it!

Highlighted Cubby House: Lizard Lodge Cubby

The Lizard Lodge is a large cubby house kit with a deck and an open side window to the deck, so kids can pretend they are running a real lodge! There are two different sizes of The Lizard Lodge cubby house kit that you can purchase: 3600×2400 and 4800×2400, to fit your backyard needs. Either size of this onground cubby house is large enough for several children to play in it at one time and perfect for large and growing families.

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