Living the cubby house dream and why you should buy one!

You might find yourself ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ about whether to buy a cubby house and make that investment. What we can tell you is that there are many benefits of a cubby house and it could just be the best investment you will ever make in your child’s health and happiness. We’re going to give you a glimpse of living the cubby house and why you should buy one! We must warn you, it’s a pretty awesome life – and that’s not just for your kid, that’s for you too!

Let’s first paint a little picture for you…

Pre cubby house purchase

From the kids:

“Wake up, wake up! We’ve got nothing to do!” Oh and that’s at 5:30am on a Saturday morning as you get rudely pulled out of slumber land! Not cool.

“Mum, Dad, we’re bored! What can we do?” Constant voices in your head, never disappearing.

“Come play with us. We’ve played with all our toys and there’s nothing left.” This said as you glance over to a mountain of toys that haven’t been touched!

Then grumble, grumble over to the couch they go and turn on the TV or plug into their latest game.

From you:

“You can’t be bored, find something to do.” Grumble groan.

“You’ve got loads of toys, go and play with them. We didn’t spend all that money for nothing.” As kids look on perplexed.

“Get away from the TV and the games and get outside for some fresh air. It’s such a lovely day.” Followed by groaning and ignoring with mumbles of there’s nothing to do outside.

Post cubby house purchase

Saturday morning at 8am you’re still in bed with no rude dragging out of slumber land. You wonder where the kids are.

Walk through to the kitchen and get a cup of coffee, still a bit perplexed as to what’s happened to your extremely bored kids. Something must be wrong, Saturday is not like this.

You walk over to the TV, they must be there. Nothing!

You head on over to the gaming console in the other room. Nothing!

Silence! You get so excited that you actually sit down, yes sit down to have your cup of coffee. You’re still confused though!

Ah, light bulb moment as you hear laughing and screeching! Oh yes, we bought that cubby house – how could you forget!

You sneak over to the window and hide behind the curtains in case they see you…if they see you, they’re going to come running and start with the ‘I’m bored” again. Oh my word, they’re having fun…they’re not interested in anything around them except for the cubby house that has taken pride of place in your backyard! Should you risk it? You wave! They wave back and stay put! They don’t come running over in desperation of finding something to do! Your jaw practically drops to the ground in shock. Could this be the home playground equipment that your backyard has been waiting for? Well it certainly seems that way!

Many hours later…you’ve had a nap; you feel refreshed and take a walk outside. Shock horror, your kids are still on the cubby house, AND all those toys that have been sitting around for months have suddenly come alive again in their cubby house. They’re playing all sorts of imaginary games, having a ball, running around and exercising…in fact they look really happy! You did not expect this!

A couple of months later…

Nope, nothing has changed. The kids still love their cubby house and you can barely drag them inside, in fact some meals have to be served in the cubby house! Another bonus…the kids are sleeping like logs as they’re getting such good exercise, they’re shattered at the end of the day. No more 3 hour ‘I want and I need’ before bed. They’ve even made a couple more really cool friends, who come over now and again for the best play dates. You even threw a birthday party in the cubby house, which was quite frankly the best birthday party of the year, without bragging of course, and the cheapest! Nice!

You nod your head, to no one in particular…now you know why you bought that cubby house! So there’s a glimpse of living the cubby house dream and why you should buy one! Sounds good doesn’t it!

In all seriousness, home playground equipment such as cubby houses have got amazing benefits for your kids and here are some of them.

Cubby houses encourage imaginative play, creativity, social skills, problem solving, teaches independence, learning to share, negotiation skills and leadership skills…yes all that from a cubby house! Besides these social and emotional benefits, cubbies get kids outside and exercising developing all the important muscles that are needed to help kids balance, walk, run, write, jump, hop and many others!

These are the important life skills your kids will gain from a cubby house, but your next thought might wonder how to put up this DIY cubby house. Honestly, it’s not hard. It could be up in no time. All our cubby houses come with DIY playhouse plans, clear instructions and even online videos to help you. But don’t look like you’re too good at it, otherwise you might be roped into other DIY tasks around the house.

These are the amazing benefits of a cubby house, and if you’re interested in buying one, please check in to our Facebook page for the latest specials or check our homepage for the latest updates. Remember we also offer interest free layby options now, read our blog post to find out more.

Live the cubby house dream and search our website for what’s on offer!

Here are just a couple of teasers with regards to what cubby houses are on offer!

Tumbleweed Lodge Cubby House








The Panda Pak Kids Gym Cubby House

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