Magical swings, magical benefits for your kids!

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.” J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

That magical story about Peter Pan with kids flying to Neverland has captured the imaginations of children for decades, reading about or watching as fairy dust gets sprinkled and they all fly off into the far off lands of pirates and of course Captain Hook or trying to keep up with Tinkerbell as she flitters away.

And as J.M. Barrie says in the book, “The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.” Spot on!

As you give them a gentle nudge on their first swinging experience, they are filled with a bit of fear and trepidation. And then they slowly become more familiar with swinging and you’ll watch on in amazement as they brim with excitement, pride and confidence; they’ve become the master of the air, feeling like they’re flying high above the clouds to take a peek at what’s happening in Neverland – will bombs drop on them, will Captain Hook be out looking for the treasure or they might even pay a visit to Hogwarts for a game of Quidditch. Where will their imaginations take them as they feel the freedom of flying and the wind blowing through their hair?

Being on a swing has got magical benefits for kids; as your kids master this new art, they gain incredible confidence, use their imaginations and they learn the importance of balancing, and another bonus, if you’ve got a toddler tearing around raising havoc, but them on a swing to calm them down!

Let’s take a look at the magical benefits from magical swings!

Swings develop confidence

Each time a child masters a new art, they gain confidence in their abilities, and this drives them forward to master new and exciting things. Being on a swing can be a bit scary for some kids at first, “Don’t push me too high,” or you may hear, “Don’t go so fast.” In the blink of an eye they’re demanding to be flung high up into the air and wondering why your arms can’t move them faster. Then they’ll be able to swing themselves, without the tired parent pushing steadily at the back; of course it’s good exercise for your upper body muscles too! Each flying lesson brings a new found confidence to their experimental world.

Swings develop imagination

When children are on a swing their mind will often take them into a different world as they’re not focusing on anything else, just the amazing feeling of freedom. They will magically transported to new places, where they’re flying in a plane , sailing the seven seas, visiting their favourite book or movie character’s land or even flying around watching the neighbourhood as a bird. All of this ‘child’s play’ is developing their imaginations and imagination can take you anywhere; it is so important for your child’s development as they learn from these experiences.

Swings are calming

If your child is climbing up the bookshelves, flying from the sofa and trying to hang off your designer chandelier; do yourself a favour and take them outside, plop them on the swing and see them calm down instantly! This could be your new favourite parents little helper!

Swings develop independence

As we said above, a swing is calming, but another benefit of this peaceful action of swinging is that children actually develop independence. As they’re often lost in thought they become comfortable with the fact of playing alone and entertaining themselves for a while.

Swings develop coordination

Once a child has mastered the art of swinging by themselves they learn coordination. They have to learn how to make the swing move up and down, go faster or slower and how to stop. All this takes practice and coordination. Once they’ve got the grasp of these things coordination will help them in other aspects of life like walking, running, jumping and even movements such as writing.

Swings develop balance

Without balance, we’d all be falling all over the place, which wouldn’t be a whole lot of fun. Balance is important for kids, but the great thing about swings is that it teaches a different aspect of balance which helps them to understand how the act of balancing affects their body; how they feel with they are high in the sky looking upwards, or watching the ground as their head moves down or even swinging from side to side. Swings are highly beneficial for children with sensory integration issues.
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