Our Cubby House Kits Are the Easiest to Use in Australia

Are you comparing different cubby house kits? When we first got into the business of cubby houses here at Cubbykraft, we couldn’t help but notice that the average cubby house kit was very difficult to use. There were few brands out there that were using pre-cut materials that would fit together easily. It was hard to get exact measurements on the pieces that you needed, and even if you somehow managed to match up your space with your cubby house product, assembly was a chore.

Back in those days, nearly seventeen years ago, there were few cubby house kits on the market. Many cubby houses that were available had to be transported from the factory after being fully assembled. This made it much more difficult for the average person to afford a cubby house, since moving them meant using freight methods that were more appropriate for industry than the average customer. Shipping could cost almost as much as buying the cubby house in the first place.

We had all of these different issues in mind when it came time for us to start creating our own cubby house kits. And we think that we have done a pretty good job solving all of these problems and more when it comes to cubby houses. After all, once you’ve made the choice to buy a wonderful new cubby house, you want to see it creating fun and excitement as soon as possible, right?

Here are a few of the ways our kits differ from the norm:

– They are easy for anyone to use, even if you have only a little bit of experience in home “handy” work. You should be able to put together a complete cubby house in a matter of mere hours rather than days, all without outside help.

– Our pre-cut materials mean that it is obvious how everything fits together. Even if you did not have the instructions (and of course, you will!) it’s much easier to put together our cubby houses rather than the competing brands’.

– Our instructions have been developed with an ordinary person in mind. They are clear, concise, and have been checked and re-checked for anything that might be unnecessary. It’s all in the interest of helping your family enjoy your purchase sooner.

Naturally, you probably have some further questions if you’ve never done a “DIY” project if this size before. Call, fax, or email us and let us know your needs.

Visit www.CubbyHouse.net for Easy To Use Cubby House Kits.

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