Kitcraft Cubby Houses

It is not an easy task to think up of something, which you can buy for your children that is both entertaining and engaging at the same time. When you are on the lookout to find something interesting for your kid’s playtime; something that would take them on the adventurous ride, we present you with Cubby houses. Cubby houses are the best of children’s playhouses. These will prove to be amusing, entertaining and something with which they can have fun in the REAL sense. Cubby houses are famous among kids and parents alike. The number of parents, who want to have cubby houses in their backyard, is increasing as the days go by. This play source will surely keep your children interested and give them something to look forward to, when they have free time. The children can unleash their potential, have fun with their imagination and indulge in their Read more..

The Best Gift You Can Give Your Child A Cubby House

If you have a child who is extremely active, then getting a cubby house for them is a favor that you would love to do. Majority of the kids love the idea of having their very own cubby house at their homes or in the lawn. It allows them to enjoy and experience adventure at a safe place. Cubby houses are great source of fun and entertain for your child. You can easily monitor your children and control them without having to run after them. If you intend to build your own house then make sure that you plan an appropriate area for your child’s cubby house first. Cubby houses offer your child an enjoyment that comes with responsibility to maintain the place they play in; it gives them the sense of belongingness at their place. It can also stand as an ideal area, where they can have fun with Read more..

Cubby House: The best way to reward your child

My son just got his report card today. I had promised him that I would reward him for his hard work. As I have found that giving children incentives can really pay off. Well, he passed with excellence and now he is asking me to fulfill my promise. I asked him what he wanted and his answer was just as I had suspected. He wanted his favorite cubby house. It had long been his desire to have a cubby house for himself. I know that whenever he logs onto the internet, he always visits the cubby house website. I used to tell him that he would have to earn it through his hard work. His passion led me to become curious to know more about the cubby house. I strongly believe that children should only be bought those toys, which have practical usage; so, I started my research on toys Read more..

The Beauty of DIY Cubby House Kits and Some Things You Should Know

There are a lot of people who want to have the pleasure and beauty of a cubby house in their backyard who don’t want to spend great amounts of money and who also want to put their own building skills to use. If you count yourself among these people, then you probably have been considering the possibility of cubby house kits. If you are planning on going this route then there are probably a few questions that you want to ask yourself. Can I trust the company to sell me a cubby house that looks exactly like the one I picked out? Will the installation be a challenge that you can’t overcome or will it be something simpler? Which level of challenge are you up to? What are the discounts you can expect from purchasing a DIY kit as opposed to hiring a professional installation specialist? Will you be able Read more..

Things to Look For in a Kids Cubby House

If you’re in the market for a kids cubby house, odds are you’re almost as excited about the prospect as your young ones will be when they find out. However, there are some things you will have to keep in mind as you work through the process of selecting the perfect kids cubby house for you. Please allow the experts at Kitcraft to suggest a few considerations for your cubby house shopping: Size is a major concern whenever you are shopping for a cubby house of any sort. You will want to measure out the area of your back yard that you intend to use for your cubby house. You should also make a few “design decisions” early on, perhaps even before you look at different models. For example, how close to the house do your want your cubby house to be? How tall should it be? Are there any Read more..

Change Your Yard with a Cubby House

If you are the owner of a house with a lot of backyard space, then you will want to make sure that you are getting the most use out of your space. This is especially true if you have a family with small children who want to have a good time outside. You will want to make it special for them. You will want to make sure that you are doing everything in your power to see to it that you are able to give your children the time of their lives when they are outside. We all know that in today’s world, children, even small children, want to be able to have their own spaces that belong only to them. This is the only way to make sure you can make your children happy when they are outside. A great idea for creating great outdoor space is to invest Read more..

Wooden Toys for Children Beat Electronic Toys Every Time

Are you looking for a place to buy wooden toys for children? You know, it was not that very long ago that wooden toys for children were far more common than the plastic toys that we see so often today. Wooden toys came in all shapes and sizes and were available for all children, whether they were rich or poor. These days, it seems like there has been a sudden profusion of all kinds of complicated toys. There are lots of problems with modern electronic toys: – They are very expensive! You probably spend enough on electronic toys and devices in one or two years to be able to buy a full cubby house for your back yard area. Plus, a cubby house will last much longer than the average electronic toy, which has to be replaced just as soon as something else comes along. – They encourage indoor play. Read more..

The Story of Kitcraft and Our Timber Cubby Houses

Timber cubby houses are one of our specialties here at Kitcraft. Timber cubby houses are not the only thing that we offer — we also have a full set of 100% commercial grade plastic play sets for those who would prefer them — but we consider these high quality cubby houses to be one of our most distinctive offerings. In fact, you will not find a cubby house of this quality in Australia from any other brand. So, what’s the story behind our timber cubby houses? Plastic toys are good for certain things, like swings and slides. And, of course, those are fun toys. But we wanted to create something that would energize the adventurous spirit of the Australian child. A genuine timber cubby house provides the great aesthetic and robust construction that really speaks to Australia as a notion. In fact, one of the most important things about our Read more..

Some Great Reasons to Pick Kitcraft Wooden Toys

When you come to Kitcraft, odds are that you are looking for one of our outstanding wooden cubby houses. Our cubby houses are some of the most robust and sturdy out there on the market. They are fun to play in and even fun to look at — that’s how we have become Australia’s leader in cubby houses using genuine timber from right here in the country. But, bear in mind that’s not all that we have to offer. We have also come up with a great selection of wooden toys for your children to enjoy outdoors. Why should you choose wooden toys over plastic ones? Wooden toys have a more natural, tactile feel and can also have better detailing. Of course, our wooden pieces are of a very high quality and you will never have to worry about issues such as splinters and corrosion that might have inspired people Read more..

All Your Questions About Maintaining a Timber Cubby House Answered!

At Kitcraft, we focus on providing timber cubby houses throughout most of our selection. People are not used to seeing this from other companies that have not been in the business as long as we have, so we field many questions about this decision. Will a timber cubby house last as long as a plastic one? Are there any special issues that you should be aware of before you choose a timber cubby house? Generally speaking, a timber cubby house will last much longer than one made of plastic. This is because the timber we use in our cubby houses is authentic Australian timber, especially Australian pine. This is the only kind that you can trust to always stand up to the weather conditions around your home. It is lightweight, breathable, and will easily endure the heat or the rain. That’s very different from low quality materials, such as foreign Read more..

Wooden Toy Boxes Can Make It Easier and More Fun to Keep Toys Organised

Thinking about buying some wooden toy boxes for your young kids? Wooden toy boxes are a great investment in making sure that your toys will last and last. This is especially important in a lot of different situations: 1) Do Your Young Ones Play Outdoors Frequently? It’s a great idea to encourage outdoor play as much as possible. However, be careful about leaving toys exposed to the elements. Even the sturdiest toy might not survive wind and rain exposure from being left outside. A toy box will help you make sure that everything your children take outside can make it back home in one piece. And when there’s no choice but to play indoors, you’ll be able to direct the fun to the toy box — one of the most important furnishing in a child’s world! 2) Do You Have Many Different Toys? It can be hard to organise many Read more..

How to Pick Out a Great Toy from Kitcraft for a Surprise or Holiday

Want a toy? There are so many toys out there that it can be difficult to decide exactly what to get your young one when you have a chance to make play time even more fun. At Kitcraft, we offer hundreds of different toy options: From our full-sized, genuine Australian timber cubby houses — some of the biggest “toys” of all — to our games and puzzles. So, what should you choose? Well, you could always let your young one decide, but we know how hard it is for any child to pick just one thing. Plus, what if you want it to be a surprise? Here are some things to consider when selecting the perfect toy. 1) Do You Want it to Be an Indoor or Outdoor Toy? Here at Kitcraft, we do our best to make as many of our toys as possible suitable for play in the Read more..

Looking for Good Baby Toys? We Can Help

At Kitcraft, we have been one of Australia’s most trusted sources of cubby houses for almost two decades now. But that’s not all: We also provide a full range of toys, games, swings, and slides. You might say that Kitcraft has been helping kids have fun all over Australia for more than seventeen years. But what about shopping for baby toys? Do we have anything suitable for the younger set? As a matter of fact, we do, and we will be more than glad to tell you all about it. When it comes to finding a good baby toy, you want something colourful and engaging, something that will stimulate the little tyke and help with the development of basic skills. We have exactly the toys you need: From colourful wooden toys depicting friendly animals and beloved characters to little toys, games, and puzzles appropriate for kids of all ages. That Read more..

Why Choose Cubby Houses From Kitcraft? A Few Good Reasons

Are you thinking about purchasing a cubby house or cubby houses for outdoor playtime for your kids? There are plenty of good reasons to consider cubby houses as a way to encourage your kids to have more fun outdoors. Here are some of the reasons why customers all across Australia have chosen to enhance their outdoor spaces with high quality cubby houses from Kitcraft: Durable and Tough: Australian kids take play seriously, and the best way to ensure that they will be able to see their imaginations soar is to provide them with toys that will last. Kitcraft cubby houses are intended to last for years even under the harshest conditions that Australian weather and kids can throw at them. You will be able to take pride in your cubby house knowing that it is built to last — and you can even enhance it further with oiling, staining, or painting Read more..

Things to Think About Before Making a Cubby House Purchase in Perth

Looking for a cubby house in Perth? Cubby house Perth purchases need to be able to stand up to heavy rain and sunshine that can be just as intense. You don’t want to have to disassemble and move your cubby house whenever a weather challenge presents itself, so you should do everything you can to ensure that you purchase a top quality cubby house for your Perth back yard or residence. What can you do to ensure that you are getting a cubby house worth your money in Perth? First of all, never buy a second hand cubby house. If you buy a pre-used cubby house, the original owner will have to disassemble it — or else you’ll have to pay exorbitant amounts to make sure that it can be safely moved to where you need it. Neither option is very good for you. Disassembling it will make it more Read more..

Making the Right Cubby House Buy in Melbourne!

Looking for a cubby house in Melbourne? When you are searching the internet to make your first cubby house Melbourne purchase ever, you would benefit from using a trustworthy Australian brand. There are many different types of cubby houses and many companies out there that are providing them, but not all of them offer the same quality, service, selection or price. Here are the key factors affecting a first-time cubby house purchase: 1) Quality A cubby house is one of the biggest “toys” that you will ever buy. It makes sense that you should purchase one that will last and last. At Kitcraft, we have been doing cubby houses for more than seventeen years, and some of the houses we sold within our first year of operation are still providing hours of fun. The difference in quality is that our cubby houses are made from genuine Australian timber that is Read more..

How Our Cubby House Plans are Tailored to Customers Just Like You

Want cubby house plans that are easy to use and decipher? You’ll find that the Kitcraft brand cubby house plans that you get with each and every one of our timber cubby houses are the easiest you’ve ever seen. In fact, we have refined our instructions for over seventeen years. Even our newest designs are especially set up so that you will be able to put them together quickly using our quick and simple directions. Many of the other brands of cubby houses are based in foreign countries. Sometimes, the directions in the language you need, with the illustrations you want, are simply an after thought to these companies. On the other hand, Kitcraft is a domestic Australian company. Our brand was born and built here. We export our cubby houses to many other countries, including the United States and parts of Asia — but each one is distinguished by Read more..

A Whole Variety of Kids Educational Toys Waiting for You

Are you looking for the chance to buy kids educational toys online? It is a great idea to pick educational toys for your kids. The more that your child is able to learn, the more they will be able to pick up during school and the happier they will be when it comes time to pursue their own intellectual interests. So, does Cubbykraft have educational toys for you to choose from? You bet! At Cubbykraft, we believe that one of the most important ways to educate a child is to help them get acquainted with the vastness of their own imagination. Every one of our toys offers the bright and engaging colour scheme that will help keep even an excitable youngster’s attention pinned on a toy. However, that is only the beginning — we have many different styles of educational toys. Our educational toys include these and many, many more: Read more..

Why a Wooden Cubby House is the Best Kind You Can Get in Australia

Thinking about a wooden cubby house? A wooden cubby house is one of the best ways that you can decide to bring a cubby house into your family. Although Cubbykraft offers a full line of commercial grade plastic play sets, the wooden cubby house designs that we have offered for more than seventeen years are by far the most popular of our many products. A wooden cubby house has many different advantages that you’ll want to consider whether you are making your purchase in Melbourne, Brisbane, or anywhere else in Australia. When you choose a wooden cubby house from Cubbykraft, you are supporting the timber industry here in Australia. We use genuine Australian pine in the cladding for every wooden cubby house we make, so they are purpose built to be resilient in the heat and rain they’ll encounter every year. We also ship many a wooden cubby house to Read more..

How to Choose a Cubby House in Adelaide

Looking for a cubby house in Adelaide? If you are planning to make your first cubby house Adelaide purchase, let Kitcraft help you make your decision. Cubby houses are among the best ways to make sure that your kids spend enough time getting healthy play outdoors. If you are wondering what you should be looking for as you consider the best brand to trust with your first cubby house Adelaide purchase, think of these factors: 1) Choose a Brand You Can Trust Many cubby houses are available from foreign brands that will not provide you with the kind of service, quality, or flexibility that you want. On the other hand, Kitcraft has been providing cubby houses to customers in Adelaide and all around Australia for more than seventeen years. You have probably seen cubby houses and play sets from Kitcraft at schools, pre-schools, daycare centres, and many other businesses where Read more..