Engage Your Kids in Active Play Using Their Cubby Houses

Engaging your kids in active play on a daily basis is good for their health, creates learning opportunities, and fuels a strong development. But it is difficult for parents to encourage their kids to be active for at least one hour a day. We here at KitCraft can help! Because having a cubby house or cubby fort right in your own backyard gives kids just what they need to get that physical active play. Active play is physical activity with bursts of high energy. You can think of it this way, when your child is outside on heir cubby at the steering wheel, driving to Africa to find an elephant, then he sees one and runs after it. That is active play. Active play allows your kids to stay healthy, keep at an ideal body weight and get plenty of rest. Kids who get enough exercise during the day have Read more..

Kids Sleepovers in the Cubby House

So, you have adventurous kids or they just think that they are 😉 They want to spend a night outside in their cubby house. Okay, you think, it might not be that bad…. and really it won’t. Kids love spending the night outdoors and if you have the cubby in a safe place where the kids can easily find their way back into the house should there be a need, let them go for it! Here are some tips for you to help your kids have an awesome overnight in their cubby house: Make sure no one has to be anywhere early the next day, they may have trouble getting some real rest until later in the evening than they normally do. Prepare for the weather. If it looks like there is going to be a storm, pick another night to do the outing. If it is cool, you’ll want Read more..

Why Kids Need Physical Fitness

Fitness is something that kids love to do, but they don’t know it. Kids love playing, running, skipping, jumping… they just don’t know that all of the fun things they like doing outside is ‘fitness’. But somewhere along the timeline of growing up, fitness becomes harder to do. So, when parents make it a good habit of doing physical things every day with their kids, or find time for kids to play outside, they help them develop the wonderful healthy habit of fitness. Physical fitness will help your children to relieve stress. You can guarantee that after a workout, you will feel better. That is how the body naturally takes away stress. Be sure to use it to your advantage. Does your teen have exams? Schedule in some time at the gym during those study breaks. Is your child coming home from school stressed out? Let them play with the Read more..

Plan an Under the Sea Party with Your Cubby House

When you own a cubby house or cubby fort, there really is no reason to not have a birthday party in the backyard using it as a fun part of a great party. For this party theme we want to share with you some tips on having an Under the Sea birthday party. This theme is good for both boys and girls, great for a co-ed party as well. For girls, you can make it a mermaid type Under the Sea party. For boys, it can be an explorer type Under the Sea party. And these two themes do combine very well if you have boys and girls at the party. For food ideas for the party: Serve pineapple or a full fruit salad; Capri suns; crab cakes or crabby patties; Swedish fish and gummy sharks; fish crackers; cupcakes with blue icing and blue sugar sprinkles; fish sticks; blue Jello Read more..

Cubby Houses Help Kids With Fantasy Play

Fantasy play is a type of play that kids do when they are pretending about being in worlds far away with mystical creatures and magic. These are places where they can be the king or the hero and enjoy the roles while they search out treasures or seek to destroy pirate ships. Children learn to try new roles and situations, experiment with languages and emotions when they use fantasy play. Children learn to think and create beyond their world. They assume adult roles and learn to think in abstract methods. Children stretch their imaginations and use new words and numbers to express concepts, dreams and history. When your child engages in fantasy play and steps into a role of someone like a doctor, they not only throw away and rules that bind them into who they really are, they push the limits of being a doctor. They don’t think in Read more..

KitCraft Can Help You Get Your Kids Outside to Play!

There has been more than one study in the news about the affects of being inside is doing to today’s children. Gone are the days when mom said, “Go outside and play!” Therefore, kids are not going outside to play and losing all of the developmental benefits that outdoor play brings kids. There are health benefits being lost as well. There is good reason why kids are not spending more time outdoors. Both moms and dads are working, so there is less time to take kids to places where they can play. Neighborhoods are not as safe as they were when we were children. The combination of those two facts alone makes it harder for kids to get outside to play. Keeping all of this in mind, today’s parent is looking for ways to get their kids outside more often. We need to get kids outside so they can run, Read more..

Tips to Play with Young Kids Outside Using a Cubby House

When you have young children, there are many ways to start them in an outdoor playtime habit that will last their lifetime. Of course. they require more supervision than an older elementary school age child. So, you will need to b more hands on with their outside activities, it is a good thing that being outdoors is healthy for adults too. Here are some tips for parents on getting your 6-months to 3-year-old baby outside playing. When looking for outdoor play toys, choose wisely. Toys like swing sets and cubby houses are ones that should last a lifetime. We recognize this at CubbyKraft and pay close attention to how we can help kids get the most out of their outdoor play toys. For instance, we have infant seat swings that you can use on our swing sets and then switch them out to a molded swing or a back-to-back when Read more..

Is My Child Ready To Play in Their Cubby House Alone?

Many of our customers purchase their child’s cubby house while they are still very young toddlers or infants. This provides hours and hours of fun play time for your toddler and gives you something to do with them that is right at home – no further than your own backyard. One question these parents tend to have as their children get older is: When is my child ready to play in their cubby house alone? It is a very good question. The way to answer it is to take a good look at your child’s current development and how you personally feel about some issues. Here are some tips to help you make your decision: What is your yard like? Do you have fences around the backyard? Do you live on a busy street? Does your child have access to the street? Mostly allowing your child to play alone outside Read more..

When You Throw a Boy a Party Use a Cubby Fort

Mums of boys know how much energy you need to rein in a pack of boys. It is very close to impossible unless they want to be reined in. So, when you are faced with having a birthday party for your son, what do you do? Do you have it somewhere else where it will cost and arm and a leg? Do you only invite one or two friends instead of the whole gang like your son wants? Do you invite them all in your home and not be able to get it cleaned up for days? Well, there is an easy answer for cubby fort or cubby house owners: Have the birthday party in your backyard using your son’s cubby fort as the main event! Having your son’s birthday party outside using his cubbie as the main attraction will entice all of his friends to join in to the Read more..

Benefits for Parents When Kids Play Outside in Their Cubby Fort

Let’s take a serious look at the benefits of getting the kids outside to play in their cubby fort for parents. Not just that it helps your kids develop strong bones and muscles, but how do these positives for kids equal positives for you, the people that raise them. Here is a list of benefits for parents when kids play outside: You get a free minute of calm silence. This may be the standard joke, but wow! Those 60 seconds can seem like a godsend, right? While I like to think that I’ve never really learned to tune out my kids, it’s nice when you don’t have to because they are making as much noise as they want, outside where it belongs. You get time to ‘get things done’. Considering there is a never-ending-to-do-list, getting ‘things’ done may be me over stating the goal. When the kids go out to Read more..

Kids Benefit from Outside Play and Sunshine

Playing in the outdoors is just what summer is all about. Great weather and fun outside play just go together. But, there are also many healthy reasons why you should get your kids outside to play. Here at Kitcraft, we like to let parents know what they are because our cubby house and outdoor toys help get your kids outside to play so you don’t have to beg them to go out, you have to beg them to come back in. When your kids engage in outside play, their vitamin D levels rise. The sunlight hits their skin and begins a process in which vitamin D is created and activated within their bodies. So, what does that mean for your kids health?  It means that your kids have an extra protection from depression, it helps with bone growth and development  and it helps to fight off bacteria or viruses in Read more..

Great Types of Play That Kids Enjoy with a Cubby House

There are several types of play that children enjoy which can be enhanced by having a backyard toy like a cubby house. Since play is how our children develop, all types of play are important for your youngster to grow up healthy. But these particular types of play can’t help but happen when your kids get outside and use their cubby house or fort. Social play Children around the age of three are beginning to socialize with other children. By interacting with other children in play settings, your child learns social rules such as give and take and cooperation. Children are able to share toys and ideas. They are beginning to learn to use moral reasoning to develop a sense of values. To be prepared to function in the adult world, children need to experience a variety of social situations. Fantasy Play Children learn to try new roles and situations, Read more..

Outdoor Games Your Kids Can Play on Their Cubby House Deck

Running, jumping and climbing is tons of fun, but not even the most energetic kids can do that full time for an entire afternoon. Good thing cubby houses and forts are built for all types of kids outdoor activities. Here a few activities that can be done on the cubby house deck or inside. Snack time is perfect for inside a cubby house or out on the veranda or deck. Kids will enjoy each other’s company while snacking on things like apple slices with peanut butter. Hop Scotch can be played on the deck. Use colored tape to build your hop scotch game and start hopping. Simon Says is a wonderful game for the deck of your child’s cubby house. A group of children love competing against each other in this type of game, trying to trick the other into moving when they shouldn’t will bring on fits of laughter. Read more..

Motivated Your Kids to Enjoy Outdoor Play

In today’s world, kids are spending way too much time inside. They are getting less and less time outdoors while at school. Then, they come home and sit in front of the television or video games making their characters run, jump and climb instead of running, jumping and climbing themselves in the great outdoors. Who knows why it happens, but it does. Therefore, you may need some help getting them motivated to go back outside. As their parents, it is our job to try and motivate our kids, here are some tips: Create a collection of leaves, pebbles or bugs. Display their collection in a fun way to identify the objects and hang them in the cubby house. Take the time to make other collections to add to this one. You can also use a camera and add pictures of animals your kids see from their cubby. Spend the night Read more..

Pretend Play Tips for Parents

One of the best learning experiences children of all ages have and have used throughout many generations is pretend play. It’s easy to do, it’s fun and kids seem to start doing it all on their own using a natural progression of their playtime. And it is so good for them as it teaches so many different things! These valuable lessons will follow them through their lifetime. And parents, you can help them use their time to make the most of their pretend play. Follow our tips below to find out how. First, let us take a look at the things pretend play can help your kids learn: Your children will learn empathy through pretend play. As your children will pretend to be so many different people, they will learn to act like those people. They may act like you and place a band aid on their stuffed animal because Read more..

kids fitness, swinging
Three Reasons Why Swinging on a Swing Is Good Exercise

When you first think of kids fitness, you think of running, hiking or other hard activities. Sure, playing can keep you fit, but how fit can you be if the physical activity you do is only things like playing on a swing? Actually, it is more than you may think. Here are three reasons why swinging is a good exercise for your kids: Reason #1: When you use a swing, you have to use the core part of your body to get it to work. First you push out your legs while extending your head and shoulders back, straightening your arms. Then, you pull in your legs and head and shoulders, bending the arms. In order to do these motions, you are working your core muscle group as much as you would doing any type of crunches. And by bending your arms and your legs, your kids are working those Read more..

Tips on Party Time Events Using Your Cubby House Backyard Toy

When you have a cubby house backyard toy, there is no need for you to throw your child’s birthday party anywhere else! You can save a bundle and the kids will absolutely love having their party with their favorite toy. There are just so many reasons that this is a fantastic idea for you and your children. There are so many themes you can use, each party for each of your kids can be unique. The mess will be outside, instead of in your house. And the kids will never get bored. Read through some of the tips and ideas we have here to help you make your child’s backyard cubby house birthday party a success: When you invite your child’s guests, let them know that they will be outdoors during the party. This will give their parents the ability to dress them appropriately and put on sunscreen or bug Read more..

Cubbies – Make Your Child Learn About Housekeeping

Are you worried about your child’s habit of messing up around everything at home? Do you want to develop in him some mannerism and a sense of responsibility?Obviously, every parent’s answers to these questions are in affirmative. Training your child to grow as a responsible human being and making him learn the art of housekeeping and management is no more difficult as cubbies are there, the perfect tool to teach life lessons. Provides Complete Home Knowledge to Kids Cubbyhouse provides a complete home knowledge to your kids that help them in their real life.Children consider the cubby house as their private place whose interior resembles a regular house, giving their imagination a freedom to run wild. Your child notices you maintaining your big home and applies the same to his cubby house. H e likes to do the chores that you do; cleaning, tidying, or washing. Following you, the cubbies Read more..

Let Child Development be Fun – Give your Special Child the Special Gift of a Cubby House

Playtime is so much more than just playing and spending time. Playtime serves an important role in your child’s psychological development; so it is all the more important for children withspecial needs! If you are the parent of a special child then a cubby house is the ideal gift for your child! A cubby house is able to provide a safe and secure environment for your child to play, with the added benefits of providing him a place where he will engage in physical activity as well as social interaction. A cubby house enables the special children to enjoy in a familiar environment of a home; hence, they are not afraid to be on their own during playtime. Being in a familiar environment and having the freedom to manage the cubbyhouses, as they like, will help in developing your special child’s confidence! They will learn how to manage things on Read more..

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Kitcraft Cubby Houses: Blessing in Disguise for bot h Parents and Children

As a parent, we know that you are concerned about your children that will they be able to play on their cubby houses without any worry about the integrity of the house?But, we assure you that when you buy a DIY cubby house kit from Kitcraft, you can rest peacefully giving more time on the other issues of life while your children play safely in the backyard. DIY Cubby Houses: A Place to Excel a Child’s Innovation Through the outdoor games and activities in cubby houses, children get a chance of doing things with their minds which helps them further in increasing their IQ. These games engage children where they get to know new ways of solving problems and puzzles. Cubbies: An Impeccable way to develop your child’s mind There are many benefits which you can experience with the cubbie houses. Self-made toys and games make a kid capable of Read more..