Cubbies: A Fun Place for Your Kids

We have many different cubby houses which have the most spectacular features for your kids. At KitKraft we offer all kinds of outdoor toys/activities in order to design the perfect playground that will help your child with their brain development including problems, puzzle solving, thus sharpening your child’s memory skills. Cubbies: Help your child’s development by improving their  Health and Mental Strength A cubby house plays a vital role in your child’s physical development. Once they start playing and running, they soon develop their ability to pick up correct words and think independently. The cubbie houseseven play a very important role in developing their child’s health as they get fresh air and sunshine simultaneously by playing outdoors. Cubby houses provide a special opportunity to kids to use their imagination as here they are equipped with games such as climbing frames, monkey bars, twin slides, by which their mental strength gets Read more..

Create Memorable Moments with your Child through a Cubby

Create Memorable Moments with your Child through a Cubby If only there were more hours in the day to complete all our tasks. Have you ever found yourself wishing the same? It seems like there are so many things to do every day and such less time. As a mother, whether you are a housewife or aworking mother, you must feel the continuous pressure of doing all that needs to be done. With such busy schedules, do you find yourself sacrificing spending quality time with your children in order to squeeze in that one more task before the day ends? You might also suffer from the constant guilt of not being able to spend time with your children, to get involved in their activities, to help with their schoolwork or just sit and enjoy some quality chitchat. Ultimately, you fear not being able to bond with your child. You start Read more..

Help Build Self-Confidence in your Child through a Cubby

Help Build Self-Confidence in your Child through a Cubby Are you worried about your child’s lack of self-confidence? Does your child shy away from going out to play with other children, participate in social activities or from doing something new or challenging? A child’s inability of getting involved in interactive activities could be because of lack of self-confidence. Surely, you understand that self-confidence is an important component of life and a pre-requisite if you want to accomplish something. As aparent, everyone wants their child to have good self-esteem and self-confidence. You want to see your child learn and develop, accomplish challenges and progress in life. Children with positive self-confidence are better equipped to handle the challenges of life. They are more open to learning and development. So what can your contribution be in this important task of building self-confidence in your child? One obvious thing would be to ensure a Read more..

Nurture The Language And Social Skills In Your Child ren With Cubbies!

Nurture The Language And Social Skills In Your Children With Cubbies! Children love pretend playing, as this is what helps them in learning about the world. Through games like these, they are better able to understand different roles of people and their activities. Cubby houses provide a lot of freedom for children to pretend play and are the perfect place for their imagination. These toy houses allow the children to be involved and engaged in their fantasy world without any adult creating a distraction or interference. In addition, it helps them with skill development, problem solving, language learning and conquering mental and physical obstacles. So, what are some of the skills that cubby houses are able to support in your child’s developmental years? Language development While you have a nice cubby house set up for your child and he is going about playing doctor or teacher, you would notice your Read more..

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Encourage balance and coordination in children through cubby house activities

Children seem to grow with each passing day. No matter in which age bracket your little one falls in to, you would witness him/her doing someth ing new each day. It is all part of the brilliant developmental process in children. Today,you may be atching your little one reach up for the glass on table struggling to stand on her tiny two feet; while tomorrow he/she might be trying to walk with the support of a table, or a sofa or anything. Playtime especially in cubbies can be a great, structured way to learn and have fun at the same time. You would find your child expressing himself and exploring newer things each day. Creating a small cubby house in your backyard area and inviting your little ones can contribute to the ultimate family time that your children are in dire need of. So, now is the time to create Read more..
Explore the Night Sky with Your Kids in a Cubby House

Oh the night sky holds many wonders; you could gaze at it for hours and find something new each time you look. But not only will you love it, your kids will be in their element! Staying up a bit late and getting to explore and see the wonders that lie beyond. Here we’ll give you some ideas of how to explore the night sky with your kids in a cubby house, and you won’t need a telescope, only a couple of sets of eyes! What’s so awesome about the night sky? Take a step outside when its dark and look up to see lies out there in space…it’s amazing, and incredibly calming and peaceful too. There’s so much to discover; the stars, the moon, the planets and so much more! By exploring the night sky with your kids, you can bring them closer to nature firstly, and of course Read more..

How to host a magic show in a cubby house plus magic tricks

Kids love magic, and they also love putting on a show or two to get those creative juices flowing. Here at Kitcraft we thought we’d give you some ideas on how to host a magic show in a cubby house and give you some magic tricks to teach your kids. The kids will have great fun showing off their new skills and you can make a real event of it. You’ll probably need to help them with the tricks initially, but once they’ve mastered the art of magic they’ll be ready to soar, and have a great sense of satisfaction to go with it. Get them to set up a little stage, it can be as simple as a table in the cubby house with a tablecloth over it, they can dress up in magic hats and capes for that extra special feel. How about getting them to create some Read more..

Yoga for Kids in a Cubby House

Yoga is a wonderful exercise for kids as it calms their body and mind, helps relieve stress, headaches, fatigue, insomnia as well as mild depression, which is becoming more prevalent in kids today. As the seasons are changing, we thought it would be great to give you some yoga for kids in a cubby house but is also great to do every day. All you need to do is clear a space for your kids, get a yoga mat and they’re A for away. Why don’t you join them in doing this, not only will you have fun, but you’ll both be bonding and exercising at the same time! This could be the perfect end to every day to relieve all that stress and tension and get to spend some awesome time with your kids. It might take a bit of time to get your kids used to doing these Read more..

The benefits of swings, slides and monkey bars – for kids and adults!

We all know that physical exercise is good for kids and of course adults…and at Kitcraft we’re all about making exercise fun! But have you thought about joining your kids on outdoor playground equipment for massive amounts of fun as well as exercise for you and the little ones? Here we take a look at the benefits of swings, slides, trampolines and monkey bars for all of you. So there’s no excuse, get out there and have fun with your kids! We’ve got heaps of outdoor playground equipment, including cubby houses with slides, swings, monkey barsfor maximum fun, in your own backyard! One of the best ways to engage your kids in exercise, while having fun, is to do it with them and of course now you can do it in your own backyard, without having to all get in the car and go to your local playground, which of Read more..

How to Have an Outdoor Photo Scavenger Hunt

At Kitcraft, we’re seriously passionate about play and getting kids outside, so we’ve found a great activity that your kids will love and so will you! Get ready for an outdoor photo scavenger hunt and a great way to enjoy the outdoors! An outdoor photo scavenger hunt allows your kids to connect with nature and to discover, explore and learn all at the same time. By combining a camera they can really let their creativity loose and appreciate the beauty of what they find and enhance their observations skills at the same time! To make it a real fun activity, let your kids dress the part and set up base camp inside a cubby house. What you need • Digital camera or phone for each player • Scavenger hunt list – you can include stones, leaves, bark, insects or flowers. Be creative and think of fun and interesting things they Read more..

Unleash your child’s imagination in a cubby house

Take a step into your child’s world; join them in their adventures to unleash your child’s imagination in a cubby house! A cubby house is the perfect play partner and here we’ll show you how to unleash your child’s imagination in a cubby house. A cubby house is the perfect partner for creativity! When children embark on an adventure, it opens up their minds, teaches them about the world we live in, widens their experiences and allows them to go beyond their boundaries. Children have the most amazing imaginations, and as parents we need to harness that creativity and make it a part of their lives and encourage it. If you think about it, your child could be in their cubby house, but to them they’re not in a cubby house, they’re pirates in a large ship, sailing the oceans in search of treasure, or they’re commanding their kingdom from Read more..
A brand spanking new website for Kitcraft Cubby Houses

Over here at Kitcraft HQ we thought it was time for a bit of a facelift, and of course that wasn’t for us, it was for our website! And we’re super excited about what we now have. The reason we decided to have this ‘facelift’ was we wanted to make our website more modern, and of course more user friendly! There is nothing more annoying than going through a website and you can’t find what you want. We’ve changed our whole navigation, to be clean and simple, making it easy to find what you want. On our home page, we have simple navigation buttons so that you can click through easily and quickly to find what you want. Go on take a look at our home page and hopefully you can see how much simpler it is. Besides the fact that the layout is much cleaner and simpler, as well Read more..

The Benefits of Playing with your Kids and how a Cubby House can help

Let’s face it, as parents we are all busy juggling everything that life throws at us and half the time we don’t know whether we’re coming or going. But there is one thing that is incredibly important and that is playing with your kids. Here we take a look at the benefits of playing with your kids and how a cubby house can help. As parents we are the people that our children depend upon for everything and we are the very people that they learn from. If we’re fully engaged with our kids, by playing with them and spending quality time with them, this will help them to build confidence and work that grey matter! These activities help you to really and truly bond with your child and get to fully understand these little people that we call our kids, and what a blessing that is. Each and every Read more..

Kitcraft Cubby House Customer Reviews

It’s hardly a surprise that here at Kitcraft we think our cubbies are awesome, but we can go on singing our own praises until we’re blue in the face. So instead of taking our word for it, we thought we would let you in on some of our Kitcraft cubby house customer reviews, so you can hear from the horse’s mouth about our cool cubby houses! Here are just some to give you an idea how our customers rate our cubby houses! “Just wanted to say thank you for supplying such a great product. I really enjoyed building it and my 3 and a half year old girl loves it. The final product was worth it. It adds a new dimension to our back yard and to our child’s play habits.” L. Cheeseman “The cubby has turned out exceptionally well, and it is unbelievably well made. We searched high and Read more..

Cubby Houses, the Perfect Adventure Playground

Frighteningly recent reports show that only a small percentage of kids take part in outdoor activities, when compared to their parents’ generation. So now there’s even more reasons to find imaginative ways to get your kids off the sofa and outdoors. Enter cubby houses, the perfect adventure playground! Nowadays boys don’t climb trees, when compared to their dads, girls don’t skip like they used to; in fact kids are mostly staying inside! So how to get them outside, that is the question. Well, with cubby houses, the perfect adventure playground. Outdoor home playground equipment, like our cubby houses, help cultivate an adventurous spirit, reasonable risk taking and also setting kids’ imaginations alight! As Stuart Wetherell says, “We’ve always understood the importance of outdoor play to children’s development, of course, but now, it’s time to allow children even more freedom in the great outdoors so that they can discover the joys Read more..

Living the cubby house dream and why you should buy one!

You might find yourself ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ about whether to buy a cubby house and make that investment. What we can tell you is that there are many benefits of a cubby house and it could just be the best investment you will ever make in your child’s health and happiness. We’re going to give you a glimpse of living the cubby house and why you should buy one! We must warn you, it’s a pretty awesome life – and that’s not just for your kid, that’s for you too! Let’s first paint a little picture for you… Pre cubby house purchase From the kids: “Wake up, wake up! We’ve got nothing to do!” Oh and that’s at 5:30am on a Saturday morning as you get rudely pulled out of slumber land! Not cool. “Mum, Dad, we’re bored! What can we do?” Constant voices in your head, never disappearing. “Come Read more..

ADHD Drugs related to Weight Gain in Teens – how a cubby house can help

It is often the case that younger kids who are on ADHD drugs tend to lose weight initially, but new research just published has found that kids on stimulant medications tend to gain more weight than their peers as the enter into the teen years. The researchers seem to think that as these kids take stimulant medications, there might be something about the drugs themselves that are aggravating the problem. Dr. Brian Schwartz, an epidemiologist at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, in Baltimore said that there seems to be a correlation between the length of time that the drugs have been taken and this has a stronger effect on weight gain later on. The study was published online on 17th March as well as in the April print issue of the journal Pediatrics. Schwartz and his team studied medical records of more than 160,000 children who were Read more..

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Kitcraft now offers interest free layby

At Kitcraft we’re passionate about the fact that kids should play in order to lead to happier and healthier lives! We’ve been taking note of what you’ve been asking us and we’re super excited to announce that Kitcraft now offers interest free layby options, to make getting that cubby house more achievable. Every child deserves the freedom and fun of playtime, and with our new interest free layby options, we’re hoping to make that dream a reality for more Australian kids and families. So let play reign supreme in your household with a super cool cubby house from Kitcraft. We’ve got the most amazing home playground equipment that you could ever wish for from cubby houses to swing sets to spring rockers and monkey bars! We have cubby houses and home playground equipment for sale from the small and gorgeous, to the large and amazing. Whatever DIY cubby house you’re Read more..

Amazing Cubby House Specials from Kitcraft

It’s time for amazing play with our amazing cubby house specials! We’re going crazy with all our specials on our best-selling cubby houses! Here are our specials for the week which are valid until 28th March! Take your pick. Kookaburra Loft Cubby House Playground Equipment This cubby house is on special with an amazing $400 off, valid until 28th March, now only $1997. It measures 2400 x 2400. The Kookaburra loft is like having two cubby houses in one. This is one of our larger cubby houses and is often chosen by families who have two or more children who need to be kept entertained in their own outdoor space. The Kookaburra Loft gives your kids two very distinct spaces to enjoy thanks to its elevation which allows kids to play in the area beneath the main structure, usually with sand laid down to create a more appealing space. The Read more..

Too much TV, too little sleep! Invest in a cubby house

As adults when we get tired, we’re grumpy and irritable and find it difficult to concentrate and focus! Now exactly the same goes for kids…ever dealt with an overtired child? Not fun hey? Well a small Spanish study has been released that show that the more television that children watch, the less amount of sleep they’re getting, which can affect them in all sorts of ways. The study found that a 9 year old who watches five hours of television a day, will get one hour less sleep per night, when compared to a 9 year old who watched less than an hour and a half a day lead author Marcella Marinelli, from the Center for Research in Environmental Epidemiology in Barcelona, told Reuters Health. The study followed approximately 1,700 children for up to three years and it was clear that those who increased their TV time along the way Read more..