A Happy, Healthy Family for 2014 with a Cubby House

So 2014 is here and New Year’s resolutions have been made, and hopefully you made some realistic resolutions that you’re able to stick to. But one New Year’s resolution that we all want and to keep is to have a happy, healthy family for 2014 and of course every year. This resolution pretty much goes without saying, but there are small little things that you can do to make that resolution a reality that sticks with you all for life! I know you might be thinking that it’s a rather tall claim to have a happy, healthy family with just a cubby house, but I’m going to show you how that can be made possible. The one awesome thing about a cubby house is that you’re creating a space for your kids to call their own where they can escape to, where they can get some good old exercise and Read more..

How a cubby house can help improve ADHD symptoms

We’ve all seen ADHD kids; they’re the ones wiggling and squirming, unable to sit still, charging around as if driven by a motor, always rough-housing and they ain’t that great socially either. That’s not to say that all ADHD kids are like this, these are just some symptoms that kids might display. So a lot of parents turn to medication to try and help improve focus, concentration, hyperactivity and impulsivity, which in many cases is needed, but could exercise be the new drug of choice? Research has proven that exercise not only let’s kids burn off that excess energy, but it also helps ADHD kids with focus, impulsivity and improving social skills. Regular exercise can without a doubt have a positive impact on a child’s ADHD symptoms. Health experts recommend at least 60 minutes of moderate to intense exercise every day for kids, but how they get that exercise doesn’t Read more..
How to ensure safe play in your cubby house and backyard

With the school holidays here, your kids are going to be playing in their cubby house and your backyard pretty much every day. It is important to ensure that they are safe and sound. Did you know that the most common place for childhood injury is in and around the home, and that most of these injuries happen in our backyards? A lot of these injuries also occur on outdoor playground equipment. You can be assured that our Kitcraft cubby houses are exceptionally sturdy and safe but there are still some safety tips you need to be aware of. Bearing this in mind, here are our top tips to ensure safe play in your cubby house and backyard. Top tips for cubby house safety • Make sure that your cubby house is age appropriate. Consider things that could be harmful like height and the type of equipment you have for Read more..

How to build a cubby house

              So your new special cubby house from Kitcraft has been delivered and the first thought that crosses your mind is, “How in the world am I going to build this thing?” Well with our Kitcraft cubby houses, you don’t need to be a Rob Palmer to get your cubby house up. It’s quite easy and you can put it up in a matter of hours. Show off your amazing DIY skills with not much effort at all, but don’t tell anyone that! Secretly build your cubby house and unveil it with sweat pouring from your brow, show off a few cuts and grazes and hope your family sits you down on the couch and spoils you! What makes our cubby houses so easy to put up? Cubby House plans Each cubby house comes with its own cubby house plans so that you can Read more..

Why are Gross Motor Skills Important for Child Development?

When your little toddler starts growing up and that little round tummy, those chubby cheeks and chubby legs are replaced by a taller more grown-up look, it’s a realisation for parents that they are indeed becoming a child and are no longer babies. But why does this happen? Essentially this is because your child is developing their gross motor skills, which helps your child use the large groups of muscles in their arms and legs. Gross motor skills are movements like running, dancing, jumping, kicking a ball, throwing and catching. Why are gross motor skills important for child development? Well-developed gross motor skills helps your child move properly and avoids developmental delays, will help them have confidence in their abilities and gives them health benefits for staying active. A cubby house from Kitcraft is the perfect way to encourage these healthy habits from a young age, making exercise fun. Here Read more..
“Twas the night before Christmas,” in your cubby house

“Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except in the cubby house.” That’s because you’re all having a Christmas Eve party in the cubby house! What a treat for the kids and for you. Here are some ideas to have a Christmas Eve party in your cubby house! Have fun! Here’s how to go about it This would be great if you could make this a surprise for the kids, so be super stealthy and organise this when no-one is around, and if you are able to, keep your kids away from the cubby house on Christmas Eve during the day. It will be hard, but perhaps get someone to take them to the movies or an outing. Decorate your cubby house with Christmas goodies to get some spirit going like a little Christmas tree, some decorations and a wreath on the Read more..
Giving your kids the best Christmas gift of all

I’ve been wondering and scratching my head as to what Christmas gifts to buy my child, and the wish list keeps changing, so quite frankly I’m in a bit of a quandary and Christmas is approaching like a steam train. I’m lucky I’ve got a Kitcraft cubby house, so that one is crossed off my list. So I’ve been watching my child, trying to figure out what Christmas gift was really going to work for him, and guess what not a clue! I don’t want to buy rubbish oh and I especially don’t want noisy, irritating toys which of course I will buy as payback for family members for their introduction of these revolting toys over the past years! A few days ago I woke up to the sound of things banging and falling; needless to say I nearly had a heart attack as I was rudely dragged out of Read more..
How to keep the kids entertained over the holidays with a cubby house

What oh what to do to keep the kids entertained for the Christmas holidays? Get them away from their screens and get them using their imaginations, exercising their muscles and enjoying the many benefits of fresh air. Having a cubby house can make things even more exciting without having to beg and plead for them to get those butts off the couch! Here are some tips to keep you kids entertained over the holidays, as well as some ideas to turn your cubby house into the ultimate holiday entertainment. Get the kids to put on a magic show in their cubby house. Let them put on a play as their cubby house becomes a stage for amazing productions. Hold a mini Olympics where the kids have to overcome obstacles in their cubby house within a certain time frame. Create a science lab in your cubby house. Provide all the necessary Read more..
Keeping your kids safe these holidays

The school holidays are right around the corner and here come’s some fun and hopefully relaxation for us parents! One of the things that we need to be very aware of is keeping our kids safe this summer. Here are some top tips for safety in your home and in your neighbourhood.   Neighbourhood Parks Familiarise yourself with neighbourhood parks and playgrounds. Here are things to check for; Check all the equipment and surfaces to make sure it’s in good condition. Look for broken or vandalised equipment or parts. Check for broken glass which may be a hazard for bare or open-sandaled feet. Make sure your child is supervised when going to the park both for road safety and for ‘stranger danger’.   Another alternative to neighbourhood parks or playgrounds is to have your own outdoor playground in your backyard, a cubby house. You will know that they’re safe playing Read more..
Have a Night Time Adventure in a Cubby House

One of the most exciting parts of childhood is being able to stay up late and explore the night and all that it holds. Well if you’ve got a cubby house having a night time adventure can be even more exciting. This is a great way to really connect with your kids and have fun. Here are some ideas for a night time adventure in a cubby house that will have the whole family delighted. To set the scene you can make a glass lantern to light up your cubby house. Here’s how to make it.   How to make a glass lantern What you need: Clean empty glass jars PVA glue or other craft glue that dries clear Brushes for the glue Paper of varying weights, and colours cut into small pieces or strips Tea light candles or LED tea lights How to make it: Cut up your paper Read more..

Games to Play in a Cubby House

Having a cubby house in your backyard is certain to delight your kid’s for years to come as this outdoor toy turns your backyard into an outdoor playground, and becomes their favourite place to be. In fact you might hear the strange sound of silence in your house as they’re charging around outside just playing. Silence? Yes it’s possible, and you might even get a bit of a nap! In case they need a bit of inspiration, we’ve put together some games to play in a cubby house. Do you have any other great ideas? Please share them. Cubby Treasure Hunt Hide some little treats in the cubby house and in your garden and create some clues that the kids need to follow. You can start them off with a clue that will lead them to the next clue. They need to figure out each clue in order to find Read more..
How to have the BEST picnic in a cubby house

Summer is here and what better way to pass away an afternoon with a family picnic. There is something special about having a picnic, sitting outdoors in the fresh air and spending quality time together as a family. Here we give you some ideas to have the best picnic in a cubby house. Preparing for the picnic Let your kids get really involved in the picnic. They can send invitations to the family, decorate the cubby house, invite the toys and help choose the food. In preparation for the big day, go to a local market with the kids, so that they can help choose the food. Give them a list of things to find and let them choose a few little treats of their own. Once you’ve chosen the food, you’ll need to get some of your supplies ready. Even though you’ll be having your picnic in the cool Read more..
A Cubby House is a total body workout for the Kids

A wooden cubby house from Kitcraft is a child’s dream outdoor playground. But this little dream of theirs has another wonderful benefit; a cubby house is like a total body workout for your kids. Investing in a cubby house will change your life forever; and theirs. They’ll be having so much fun that they won’t even realise they’re exercising and getting fit and you’ve sneakily managed to get them away from the TV and video games. Hooray I hear you all say, no more guilt about that blaring TV or trying to drag them away from their video games by the left toe. Having a cubby house will stop the nagging! Why is it important to exercise your muscles? It is important for children to exercise their muscles as they hold our bodies together, literally. Kids use muscles to help them walk, run, hop, sit, swing, stand; just about everything Read more..

Cubby Houses develop Fine Motor Skills

What? A cubby house can develop fine motor skills? It sounds a bit strange but it is most certainly true. It goes without saying that exercise on a cubby house or an outdoor playground can develop gross motor skills, but I’m going to show you some great activities for your kids to develop their fine motor skills. But first let’s take a look at what fine motor skills are and developing these skills are so important. What are fine motor skills? Fine motor skills are the coordination of small muscle movements and they normally coordinate with children’s eyes. The muscles which are needed for fine motor skills are found in the feet, hands and head. Why is it important to develop fine motor skills? The development of fine motor skills is important as they are used for a number of important skills such as writing, playing an instrument, arts and Read more..
A Cubby House for Family Bonding

Wake up. Get kids ready. Drive to school. Go to work. Finish work. Fetch kids. Dinner. Bath. Bed. Relax. Bed. Does this sound familiar? Our days melt into each other and before we know it the end of the year is here; its Christmas time and we’re exhausted. Do we ever really get enough quality time with our kids? The holidays are rolling in and I know most of us parents could do with a bit of R & R. Well I’ve got some good news for you. If you have a cubby house, or are thinking of buying one, you will have some time for R & R. Your kids will be playing outside and forgetting to harass you about what to do. They will be entertained, exercising and getting fresh air and sunshine. Perfect. Besides the fact that you can rest, a cubby house can be used for Read more..

How to Decorate a Cubby House

A cubby house is a space for children to have loads of unstructured, creative play, which is good for emotional and social development. One of the ways that you can really encourage this type of play is to decorate their cubby house for a play experience like no other. Here are some great ideas for how to decorate your cubby house. Please share your ideas; we’d love to hear them! Create a kitchen – there are so many ways to create a make-believe kitchen in your cubby house and this is perfect for imaginary play which will have the kids occupied for hours. Use cardboard boxes to make kitchen accessories like an oven, a dishwasher or a microwave and put some plastic tables and chairs in the kitchen with some play food, voila perfect kitchen. If you’ve got a slightly bigger budget you can buy some amazing wooden or plastic Read more..
What Cubby House will you choose for Christmas?

Christmas, oh Christmas what an amazing time of the year. When you’ve got kids, it’s even more special! Christmas morning is a hive of activity, checking to see if Santa came and if he ate the cookies, and then to make it even more special little delighted faces as presents are torn over. Now imagine if you got your kids a cubby house? Just picture their faces as they walk outside to see this amazing structure up in your backyard. Why not tie a ribbon around it, or leave a trail to show that Santa visited the cubby house? This is one gift you will never regret. Cubby houses last for years as children of all ages can play. They fuel the imagination and keep your kids running around playing outside. What more could you wish for? So, have a think about turning your backyard into a kid’s kingdom! You Read more..

Blessing in Disguise for both Parents and Children

As a parent, we know that you are concerned about your children that will they be able to play on their cubby houses without any worry about the integrity of the house? But, we assure you that when you buy a DIY cubby housekit fromKitcraft, you can rest peacefully giving more time on the other issues of life while your children play safely in the backyard. DIY Cubby Houses: A Place to Excel a Child’s Innovation Through the outdoor games and activities in cubby houses,children get a chance of doing things with their minds which helps them further in increasing their IQ. These games engage children where they get to know new ways of solvingproblems and puzzles. Cubbies: An Impeccable way to develop your child’s mind There are many benefits which you can experience with the cubbie houses. Self-made toys and games make a kid capable of thinking, creating and Read more..

Cubbies: A Fun Place for Your Kids

We have many different cubby houses which have the most spectacular features for your kids. At KitKraft we offer all kinds of outdoor toys/activities in order to design the perfect playground that will help your child with their brain development including problems, puzzle solving, thus sharpening your child’s memory skills. Cubbies: Help your child’s development by improving their Health and Mental Strength A cubby house plays a vital role in your child’s physical development. Once they start playing and running, they soon develop their ability to pick up correct words and think independently. The cubbie houses even play a very important role in developing their child’s health as they get fresh air and sunshine simultaneously by playing outdoors. Cubby houses provide a special opportunity to kids to use their imagination as here they are equipped with games such as climbing frames, monkey bars, twin slides, by which their mental strength gets increased. Cubby Houses: Building Read more..

Cubbies – Make Your Child Learn About Housekeeping

Are you worried about your child’s habit of messing up around everything at home? Do you want to develop in him some mannerism and a sense of responsibility? Obviously, every parent’s answers to these questions are in affirmative. Training your child to grow as a responsible human being and making him learn the art of housekeeping and management is no more difficult as cubbies are there, the perfect tool to teach life lessons. Provides Complete Home Knowledge to Kids Cubbyhouse provides a complete home knowledge to your kids that help them in their real life. Children consider the cubby house as their private place whose interior resembles a regular house, giving their imagination a freedom to run wild. Your child notices you maintaining your big home and applies the same to his cubby house. He likes to do the chores that you do; cleaning, tidying, or washing. Following you, the Read more..