Let Child Development be Fun – Give your Special Child the Special Gift of a Cubby House

Playtime is so much more than just playing and spending time. Playtime serves an important role in your child’s psychological development; so it is all the more important for children with special needs! If you are the parent of a special child then a cubby house is the ideal gift for your child! A cubby house is able to provide a safe and secure environment for your child to play, with the added benefits of providing him a place where he will engage in physical activity as well as social interaction. A cubby house enables the special children to enjoy in a familiar environment of a home; hence, they are not afraid to be on their own during playtime. Being in a familiar environment and having the freedom to manage the cubbyhouses, as they like, will help in developing your special child’s confidence! They will learn how to manage things Read more..

Kitcraft Cubby Houses Are An All Timers For Your Children!

Children of yesteryears have had a lot of fun playing around the house as soon as they got back from school. If you think, your children are missing on this part of their childhood, which is fun, and imaginative then you can introduce these in their lives. Cubby houses have all always been in vogue for they can provide the ultimate fun and activity for your children. And guess what? You can have it all inside your own house! Your kid’s perfect Space We at KitCraft have the most diverse range of cubbies. From designs to materials and colours, we have everything that you are looking in for your child. Your child would love to play in these houses for there is no end to games that can be created in these wonderful houses. You can have your child’s cubby house decorated. In fact, it would be really much fun Read more..

Stranger Danger Is a Thing of the Past with a Cubby House

One problem with community playgrounds is something no parents ever want to really think about, stranger danger. Unfortunately, as you see in the news, it can happen. One way to avoid it is to keep your kids home, but then they don’t get the outdoor activity they need to be fit and healthy. That is where KitCraft comes in to help. Our outdoor toys fit right in your backyard where your kids will be safe and they can get the fitness activities they need. Here is an example of our wonderful outdoor toys: Panda Pack Kids Gym Cubby House The first, and most obvious, feature of the Panda Pack kids’ gym cubby house is that it does indeed have a cubby house. This is an enclosed area where your children can play make believe, like they have their own home or own their own business. There are “windows” on the Read more..

Outdoor Toys Help Your Children Use Their Imagination

Pretend play allows children to create mock social situations where they can learn how to treat those who play around them like they see adults do. Kids who like to play with their imagination have the world – and beyond – to play in. Pretend play requires kids to look outside of their own needs and desires as it create social situations that they will learn from. Outgoing children learn the proper boundaries of interaction through modeling, and shy kids get to practice social interaction within their comfort zone. Let Kitcraft help your kids enjoy their imagination with one of our cubby houses: Honey Pot Lodge Cubby House This is a new design and has a tall 1500mm wall height. This means it is easy for an adult to hop in and out and check on the kids. It also means you will get many years of use out of Read more..

Kids Playing on Swing Sets Helps Them Learn Balance and Rhythm

Swinging is an activity that children love to do – and it is good for them too! When you push your child in a swing, they need to use many of their muscles to hold on, keep balanced and match the rhythm of moving back and forth. Kids playing on swing sets provide them with first-hand knowledge of cause and effect such as what goes up and must come down. Also, your kids are enjoying the risk of swinging because it is just plain FUN! Kitcraft can help you place a swing set in your backyard for your kids to enjoy! Here are a few of our very best: Lion Cub Cubby House This terrific playhouse comes complete with the rock wall 2 swings and a slippery slide, steering wheel telescope, periscope, hand grips. This is a very robust playground equipment and comes all pre-cut in a handy d-i-y kit Read more..

Play Dates Are Twice as Fun When Your Playing Outside

Do your kids like to get together with their friends and have a play date? This is an awesome way to get to know other parents who have children the same age as your own and let the kids enjoy each other’s company. Plus, research shows that allowing children to participate in play dates will improve a child’s social skills and can improve a child’s ability to over come physical and mental challenges as well. And we here at CubbyHouse can help, because when you let kids have their play dates on one of our outdoor play toys, they have twice the fun! You can even serve a picnic lunch or snack outdoors. They’ll be having the time of their lives and you will know that they are safe in their own back yard. Here are a few cubby houses we recommend for this activity: Kingfisher Cubby House This is Read more..

What to Choose – Brand New or Second Hand Sandgroper Cubby House?

As parents, it is a normal feeling to want to give your children nothing but the best things that your money can buy. But there is also nothing wrong if you would choose to get a second hand cubby house for your kids. For as long as the item is still in great shape, the little ones would still have a great time playing in children’s cubby houses and you would get your money’s worth for the purchase. The trick here is just to make sure that there are no major damages to the cubby house that would put the kids at risk while playing. There are many things that you would have to think of when choosing play things for kids. We understand that fun and safety while at play are the major worries any parent would have so we make it a point to address these concerns. And Read more..

Should You Get Sandgroper Cubby House?

When you are in the process of deciding what kind of children’s Cubby House to buy, you would most certainly include sandgroper cubby house in your list of potential candidates. But since there are many colors, designs and varieties to choose from, you may find yourself wondering what would be the best option not only for your kids but also for your budget. Pick a Suitable Color Your choice of color must depend mainly on the gender of your kids. If you have a boy, then it would be best to go for masculine colors that he will appreciate. And if you have a little girl, you may choose to go with pinks and other feminine hues. However, if you are a parent of both boys and girls, the best thing to do is to look for multicolored cubby houses that would suit the taste of both sexes. Choose the Read more..

Earn Some Money by Creating a Cubby Day Care Centre

With a mounting bulk of families with both the parents working, the need for day care centres is increasing. Families, in which both the parents work outside the home, direly need daycares that provide safe and secure environment for their kids. However, the thought of putting your kid in a day care centre could be frightening for you. But getting proper information about day care systems can ease your fears. Despite the fact that daycares formerly meant to be the Grandmother’s house, daycares have now become a big business and are inspected regularly by state certifying agencies. Daycares today are not just focused on a place where kids play in a safer environment but they now reflect a more learning oriented environment. With more, innovative ideas brought by numerous modernized technological aids, daycares are now fully equipped with new internet teaching aids and computer demonstrations for student awareness. Earning money Read more..

Introducing Cubby into Your Child’s Life

Are you a concerned parent or guardian? Are technical diversions having an adverse effect on your child? Do you want to engage your little one into physical as well as mental activities? Do you wish to spend quality time with your children? Do you wish to give your special one a perfect long lasting gift? If yes, then the perfect solution to all your worries is a cubby house. A cubby house or playhouse is a miniature replica of an actual house designed specially to engage children into fruitful activities, which are beneficial not only to their physical but also mental health. Having a variety of playing equipment, a cubby house brings out the best in children by indulging them in tasks that involve creativity and imagination. Along with providing an environment for enjoyment and learning, a cubby house is a completely safe place for children to play. It is Read more..

On Ground Cubbies vs. Elevated Cubbies

A lot of cubby houses Australia are available in the form of Elevated Cubbies and On Ground Cubbies. Parents always want the perfect play space for their kids by ensuring its safety and security. The on ground cubbies fit best in the backyard and provide a fabulous space for kid’s enjoyment and nourishment. They always come in different sizes with creative designs. Mostly they are small with wooden windows and porches. The inside of on ground cubbies fits several children comfortably, while its high wooden walls make it easy for parents to step inside and join the kids in their dream house and spend memorable hours with them. On the other side, the elevated cubby houses Melbourne are also an ideal choice for children enjoyment, featuring a generous high floor plan with a tall wooden entrance enough for the parents to fit through comfortably. Another marvellous feature of elevated cubby Read more..

Cubbies: The Fun Place For Toddlers.

According to a recent study in paediatrics, it has been discovered that children learn maximum at their tender age. It is at this point in their lives that they must be exposed to the greatest number of mental and physical exercises that can enhance their intellectual capabilities. A cubby house is the right choice for your child’s better development. It has all that you require for the excellent upbringing of your child. A cubby house is not only a source of fun and entertainment for the toddlers, but brings with itself a profound set of opportunities for learning and development. It helps to equip your child with several skills and prepares him/her to face any challenge effectively right from his/her early age. Are you wondering about what skills your child will learn from it? Name it and it is there! It is a complete source of physical and mental progression Read more..

Communication; Language and Literacy Through Cubby Houses

Communication is what we say to others and what others hear us saying. It is the method of explaining your ideas, beliefs, motives and interests to other people. Without proper communication, we would be lost. It is through communication that we learn the concepts of right and wrong or what is safe and what is dangerous. It is through communication that we learn how fire can burn our skin and how stepping on a road without thinking could lead to a mishap. If there were no language and no effective communication then everything would have to be taught by trial and error, which may be okay in Algebra but is definitely not okay in real life. So you see, communication is very important in our lives but the old method of teaching concepts through books and blackboards is now not so effective. Simply because, when children are confined in a Read more..

Physical Development Through Cubby House

A cubby house is not only designed for the kids to have fun and play with, but it also plays a vital role in their physical development. With your kid developing so swiftly and experiencing a lot as days pass by, you might find it perplexing to keep up with them. Once they start playing and running, the parenting job becomes even more thrilling and your home will not ever be the same. The kids then soon develop their ability to pick up correct words and think independently from their surroundings at an astonishing rate. Whenever kids handle objects and toys, specifically in a form of cluster, their social and motor skills are motivated and hence amplified. Encouraging your kids to play outdoor will introduce them to the world of marvel and artistic imagination. Therefore, a cubby house along with numerous playground accessories and equipments is surely an investment into Read more..

The Reason Why Cubby House Stands Out

In the recent times, we have witnessed a massive increase in the demand for Cubby Houses simply due to its numerous benefits and the comfort it brings in one’s life. The Cubby House has been seen as a great blessing for both parents and children. While it provides a great platform to Children to relax, keep them busy and let them enjoy. It also gives parents more time to focus  on the other issues of their lives as they do not have to much worry about their children since they are busy in playing in a safe place.. The reason why the Cubby House stands out is that, it provides a great learning environment for the Children. It brings the best out of the children by indulging them in several mental and physical activities, which involve creativity and imagination. Parents are quite worried about the growth and development of their Read more..

The Pros Of A Cubby House

As a parent or guardian, you must be surely concerned observing your kid’s mental and physical development. The technical diversions these days have a negative effect on your kids; therefore, in a cubby house parents can provide their children the devices that are good for their mental and physical development. Cubby houses do not just serve to be an excitement for your kid but they are also created to incorporate a sense of creativity and imagination in their thinking. A Cubby House pack is a strong apparatus that brings the best out of your kid. This is exactly the reason why the cubby houses are so popular these days as they provide a highly effective way of learning.  Another significant reason behind parents permitting their children to play in a plastic cubby house is that it is made up of safe material, which administers the principles of health unlike the Read more..

Develop The Health Of Your Child Through A Cubby House.

It is true that a cubby house can serve as a great source of entertainment for your child and at the same time it can provide immense health benefits that are seldom realized. The world is progressing very fast, children now days usually spend their time playing games on the computers, PSP, game decks and other sorts of electronic toys. They rarely go out for a healthy playtime or prefer to sit in front of a television watching cartoons all day long. It is a fact that those children who go outdoors to play acquire the highest levels of fitness and strength because they are getting the appropriate levels of sunshine and fresh air required for staying healthy. A stimulating approach to make your children play outdoors for maximum time is to create a fun place for them around your house. Cubby houses can be surely called a minute gateway Read more..

The Cubby House – A Blessing In Disguise

The Cubby House can be seen as a blessing both for the parents and their children. While it provides a great platform to Children to relax and keep themselves busy and enjoy, it also gives the parents more time work on the other issues of life.  Now, they don’t have to worry about or get distracted by their children anymore, since they are busy playing in the Cubby House. Parents having young children have concerns regarding the grooming and development of their children. They do not want their children to be involved in activities which will harm their growth and which does not involve any significant mental and physical activity. The Cubby House is designed to provide an environment for the children, which will keep them involved in activities leading to positive development of the children. Such creative play houses encourage the children to think differently and use their imaginations. Read more..

Promote The Art Of Interior Designing Through The Cubby

A cubby can be a lethal weapon in extracting the hidden potentials of the kids. The only requirement is that the parents need an out of the box approach. For example, some children have an instinctive liking for interior decoration. This is clear  from the way they manage their things. It is the responsibility of the parents to understand the dreams and the requirements of their children. Once the child has the wooden cubby, the parents can get him different stuff like small rugs, small sofas. Then they should monitor how the child manages the arrangement. Children have a habit that they are incentive oriented. The parents should give them incentives to achieve  some milestones and the results will definitely be positive. For example, the parents can hold a competition among the children regarding decorating the wooden toy house. Moreover, the reward can be that the child who does the Read more..

Adding A Unique Meaning To A Cubby By Using It As A Chess Spot

Chess is one game that needs complete peace when one is playing the game. The reason is that it requires concentration and focus. Therefore, the perfect environment can exist in a cubby. Moreover, the parents should pay attention to the psyche of the child. If they feel that the child has talent for Chess, they should encourage that. The play equipment can act as a training centre for learning Chess. For example, the parents can buy the child all the books related to Chess. The child can sit in the toy house in his free time and read those books. Moreover, the parents can even make a whole set up in the toy house for the game. The parent can place a nice table in the cubby house. Chairs should accompany the table. Once the setup is complete, the child can call his friends over who have similar interest. They Read more..