Playground Equipment for Fun and Safe Outdoor Playing

There cannot be any exaggeration on benefits of outdoor playing involving physical exercise.
Kids need time in the sun chasing butterflies and somersaulting to develop their fine motor skills
and maintain general fitness level. Playing outdoors not only gives the much needed workout
that is good for enhancing immune system and increasing appetite; it also involves mental
exercise. Running around in a playground with friends and family is the most memorable time of
a day in any child’s life. Though most kids these days have gadgets like video games and tablets
for exercising the brain muscle, it cannot compare to the real world experience that is offered
outdoors running around.

Parents biggest concern when it comes to outdoor playing is children’s safety. Another biggest
challenge in encouraging outdoor play is lack of interesting playground equipment. Wooden
cubby houses are a great way of ensuring your children enjoy spending time outside the house
safely. Wooden Cubby houses are made with fine quality wood and are architect designed
specifically keeping children and kids’ activities in mind. Once you have a fabulous cubby house
installed in your playground, there are endless possibilities of games and events that you can

Here are a few ideas to get your creativity working:

  • Permanent playhouse:Kids love nothing more than to have their own space that they can own. Installing a fine wooden cubby house gives your child asense of responsibility to keep the house neat and decorated. You can have his friends over so that he can spend some time flaunting his new possession. It is a great way to foster good habits like sharing, team activities, sportsmanship, etc.
  • Imaginary Playing: Let your child use her imagination and invent new games. Whether
    it’s collecting fallen leaves, tiny cute bugs or making atoy corner, a cubby house has
    numerous opportunities to unleash your child’s creativity. You can assist your child by
    adding things to her cubby house depending on the age of the child. For example, a
    toddler would love to stack her stuffed toys, dolls and ballsneatly for hours only to
    scatter them with a big jump on the top.
  • Get Crafty:Take it to the next level, collect all old newspapers,a pair of scissors and
    some glue and allow your children to make newspaper walls and dividers in their cubby
  • Sandwich Counter:Wouldn’t it be great having your children spread jam and mayo on
    brown bread while you enjoy your break from cooking. Involving kids in group activities
    or household chores is another fun way of allowing children to learn new skills. Be it
    making yummy chocolate or jam sandwiches or setting up an imaginary tea party for
    toys, wooden cubby houses can be a wonderful playtime area.
  • Good Old’ Picnic:Organize a small family event or invite your kids’ friends over for a
    picnic. Cubby houses can be decorated with rugs, cushions, beanbags, etc. and kids can
    have a whole day playing in and around the cubby house safely. It is a smart way to
    unglue children from their tablets and indoor games.
Architect designed wooden cubby houses with slides, elevators, climbing rope, etc. gives your
children the time to laugh, play, run and jump around. It helps develop their fine motor skills,
keep them fit and active and develops their imagination and creativity.

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