If parents want a versatile, creative and magnificent fun area for their kids, then the Redwood Lodge Cubby House is the ideal solution for outside play. This is an elevated cubby house which is a good reason for the kids to get some activity in the fun area when there is nothing to do. The Redwood Lodge cubby house is a fun place that comes with everything parents need to provide their children. A cubby house is the best option, whereby the parents can make a play world in their backyard for the children, and that will also give a mental satisfaction to parents that the kids are safely enjoying at home.

This elevated playhouse is a safe play area for kids. It comes with a sandbox place underneath the house and a fantastic slide for the children to enjoy anytime with friends.  It is made with timber wood and the decks are secured with safety railings, offering a safe environment for the kids to enjoy in. The best part about this cubby house is that this activity provides a chance for all the family members to spend quality time together. For example, parents can color the roof to make this play house more colorful and attractive; thereby, putting in a part in building the dream house for their child and having a fun time while they are at it.

The Redwood Lodge cubby has a large door and plenty of windows that makes it easy for children to enjoy the weather being inside and party with the friends. Apart from that, the structure of this cubby house is beneficial for children’s health, because it allows lots of airflow for kids within the playrooms.

The Redwood Lodge Cubby House is a wooden structure that can be placed anywhere you want it to be. There are numerous options to make this place attractive. Parents can put safety mats on the wooden decks to make a play area or they can fill the platform underneath with sand and make a gigantic sandbox for children. If children want to swim, then parents can place a couple of paddle pools in the huge platform and children can splash away and enjoy with friends. It also protects the kids from the harmful rays of sunlight.

The Redwood Lodge Cubby House also comes with a rock climbing wall, a slide and other beautiful toys attached to the exterior which enhances the imaginative skills of children. Kids can take joy in pretending that the Redwood lodge is a great mountain peak that they can climb in a short time to make the world record or they can imagine it as a huge ship that they could navigate to faraway lands, using the steering wheel of ship and an artistic toy periscope.

Parents can also add some additional toys to make this cubby house more imaginative such as a flower box, a letterbox, a door kit, spring riders, skylight and learning accessories. Imaginations allow your child to become more brilliant as it develops cognitive skills and other mental skills in a child. So, the parents should give their children a chance to make their house into whatever look they want and then take a part in their imaginations to make them feel happy. The Redwood Lodge cubby house will delight your children and enhance their social, imaginative, creative and learning skills.