The Benefits of Playing with your Kids and how a Cubby House can help

Let’s face it, as parents we are all busy juggling everything that life throws at us and half the time we don’t know whether we’re coming or going. But there is one thing that is incredibly important and that is playing with your kids.

Here we take a look at the benefits of playing with your kids and how a cubby house can help.

As parents we are the people that our children depend upon for everything and we are the very people that they learn from. If we’re fully engaged with our kids, by playing with them and spending quality time with them, this will help them to build confidence and work that grey matter! These activities help you to really and truly bond with your child and get to fully understand these little people that we call our kids, and what a blessing that is.

Each and every child is different, with different levels of emotional and mental development, different skills and different passions. When you truly get to know your children it is far easier for you to know how to handle them. Playing with them is the perfect opportunity to understand them and bond with them. But how can a cubby house help?

One of the most important factors when playing with your child is to get down to their level, in their own space and let them direct the play…and you just need to go along with it. A cubby house is a child’s special place, a place to call their own, and when engaging you’re your child in their territory so to speak, makes the bonding process even more powerful.

It’s important to remember that you need to make this time unstructured with no distractions (leave that cell phone in the house!) and let them decide on the activities that they want to do…let them be the boss for a while, let them control, let them decide what’s going to happen and what play activity is on the cards. You are the observer and the playmate. You can direct when needed, but in a creative way.

Try and not do the same activities every day, mix it up a little, if your kids want to. Get out to the cubby house, and read one day, play a board game the next, exercise with them on another day; in other words turn into a big kid, chase them round the cubby house, throwing ball, try your hand at a rock climbing wall or play hide and seek. Throw some hoops if you’ve got one of our cubby house accessories like a basketball hoop on your cubby house or even add a punching bag from our cubby house accessories and engage in a friendly game of boxing. You could even have a picnic or a tea party with the dolls, do crafts together or play with their favourite toy, create a garden together, or if you’ve got a cubby house with a sandpit, get in there and excavate with them! Perhaps even have a sleep out in your cubby house. The possibilities for play in a cubby house are endless and you’ll be amazed at how good you feel; you might even decide to move in there yourself. As mentioned earlier, all these activities are there to create a special bond, build your child’s confidence and self-esteem and also you’ll really get to know them. The more unstructured time that you spend with your child, the more likely they will be to open up to you and treat you as their ‘go to’ person when things go wrong, and that is something that should be encouraged.

Some games to play in a cubby house

We’ve already mentioned some but here are a few other ideas that you might like to try – but remember, let your child take the lead! You could fly a kite flying, play hangman, make dolls clothes, outdoor games around your cubby house, beading, go on a treasure hunt, board games and anything else are few examples of the activities in which kids and parents can take part together. Try and make sure that you and your child are both taking part, not just one!

If you take the time to play with your kids you will reap many rewards like maintaining healthy relationships and attachment with each other. If you can’t find the time every day try and do it as often as you can.

One thing kids love is playing with their parents, and it will get them away from those screens…have you ever seen the delight on a child’s face when you get silly and play with them? Well they love it, and as we said it’s perfect for that all important bond. A cubby house will build family togetherness.

Here are some suggestions for playing with your kids in a cubby house

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