The Benefits of Wooden Toys

Do you remember the days when all we had was wooden toys? They had no loud noises, shiny lights or spoke back to you. And surprisingly I still have wooden toys from my childhood that I’ve been able to hand down to my child, they are built to last. Wooden toys are amazing, and they’ve got loads of benefits for your child.

Here we take a look at the benefits of wooden toys and why you should consider buying them over the plastic modern toys of today. Besides our wooden cubby houses, at Kitcraft we’ve got a huge range of wooden toys to choose from, so take a look at the wonderful delights for your child.

• Wooden toys are good for the environment. They are made with wood, some glue, maybe screws and some paint. Plastic and batteries have a much bigger impact on the environment as they contain certain chemicals for example zinc chloride, alkaline, lithium, NiMH and lead acid (the chemicals in batteries will depend on the manufacturer and whether they are rechargeable or not, this is an example of what they do contain). Plastics take hundreds of years to degrade, as opposed to which can take just a couple of years. Also the manufacturing of plastics requires a vast amount of resources that all have an impact on our environment. Also wooden toys don’t need batteries, electricity, or software patches so that in itself is far kinder to our environment.

• Fewer toxins. Wooden toys are much safer all-natural alternative to plastic toys as they do not contain high levels of chemicals and toxins. This is particularly important with babies who tend to put everything into their mouths.

• Less dangerous. If your child swallows a battery it can be very harmful and even fatal, even if they swallow some plastic it has certain health hazards as chemicals leak into your child’s body.

• Your child is involved in play and learns more. With the more modern toys kids push a button and see what happens as they watch on. When playing with wooden toys they have to push, pull, bash, turn or connect pieces together. With wooden toys they interact with the toy and have to learn to move and control things as well as having to think. This helps with healthy brain development and encourages creativity and problem solving skills.

• Generations of fun. As I mentioned at the beginning I still have wooden toys that I’ve been able to hand down to my child. Plastic toys tend to break easily and get thrown in the bin as they aren’t particularly durable. As they get thrown away, so they impact the environment in turn.

• They are less overwhelming. Modern high-tech toys can often be noisy and over-stimulating. Wooden toys inspire imaginative play which is important for their ongoing development. The wooden textures also stimulate your child’s senses and encourage them to touch, feel and explore.

• Build fine motor skills. Wooden toys are brilliant for building fine motor skills which are important for handwriting and other skills as they move onto school going age.


Take a look at all the wooden toys we have on offer!


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