Unleash your child’s imagination in a cubby house

Take a step into your child’s world; join them in their adventures to unleash your child’s imagination in a cubby house! A cubby house is the perfect play partner and here we’ll show you how to unleash your child’s imagination in a cubby house. A cubby house is the perfect partner for creativity!

When children embark on an adventure, it opens up their minds, teaches them about the world we live in, widens their experiences and allows them to go beyond their boundaries.

Children have the most amazing imaginations, and as parents we need to harness that creativity and make it a part of their lives and encourage it. If you think about it, your child could be in their cubby house, but to them they’re not in a cubby house, they’re pirates in a large ship, sailing the oceans in search of treasure, or they’re commanding their kingdom from their castle. Their imaginations know no bounds and one way to really build a strong bond with your kids is to join in on these little adventures…who knows you’ll probably have more fun than the kids.

According to Prof Dr Eric Lim, there are two types of adventures that your kids will embark upon, intellectual and contemporary adventures.

Intellectual adventures are when your kids are using their imaginations and playing with objects around the house or in their cubby house – whether it’s building blocks, doing arts and crafts or playing those awesome outdoor games that they experience with a cubby house; their cubby house becomes whatever their imaginations come up with, whether it’s a ship or a racing car, a castle or a submarine, their cubby house will take them on amazing adventures.

This sense of adventure is incredibly important for children as it helps cognitive development of a child.
Earlier we mentioned contemporary adventures and this is where electronics come into the picture and they find adventures is the games they play and what they see. This type of adventure does actually stimulate brain activity, however, as we all know it can lead to addiction and of course reduce the amount of outdoor play that kids engage in. As parents we need to strike that balance between digital and non-digital game times. Having a cubby house is sure to get your kids outdoors in a flash, and perhaps you won’t be nagging so much to get them off the sofas!

A cubby house is really important in developing imaginations as this a child’s special place, they can play how they want to and when they want to, without rules and boundaries, and their cubby house can literally take on any persona that your child’s imagination can dream up, and become an epic adventure. With a cubby house each day for them will uncover new and exciting discoveries and new adventures. It’s important for us to remember that these adventures are so important in helping your kids reach their full potential and having the right outdoor playground equipment helps them to create amazing adventures every day!

There are also loads of cubby house accessories that you can add for even more adventures of epic proportions like a steering wheel for race track fun, a ships wheel for navigating the ocean, binoculars for young explorers or even a periscope for a dive underneath the great seas in search of treasure!

Understandably as parents, we’re nervous to let our kids run free outdoors, so having a cubby house in your backyard, provides the outdoor play equipment that kids love so much, but is contained and therefore safe! No stranger danger worries here!

Here are some great cubby houses for awesome adventures of epic proportions to unleash your child’s imagination in a cubby house!

Kangaroo Cottage Cubby House Playground Equipment








Brisbane Deluxe Cubby House Playground Equipment








Captain’s Cook Cottage Cubby House Playground Equipment

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