Weekly Specials on Cubby Houses for February

Here at Kitcraft, we’ve got some amazing specials on wooden cubby houses for the entire month of February! Each week we launch new and exciting specials on cubby houses for sale so that you’ve got a great opportunity to turn your backyard into a play dream!

A cubby house is a fantastic investment into your child’s health and happiness to get them outdoors enjoying the fresh air, moving those muscles and using their imaginations as their cubby house takes them to all sorts of new and exciting places!

Kids need to play and exercise more, what with obesity levels rising, and kids being hooked into electronic media. A cubby house could be just the nudge you need to get them outdoors.

But what are the benefits of a cubby house, and why would it be a good investment?

• A cubby house encourages play which develops imagination, creativity, social skills, problem solving skills, learning to share and negotiation skills. A cubby house can be anything your child wants it to be.
• A cubby house encourages exercise which we know is good for kids overall health. At a young age their muscles are still developing and they need to develop all their muscle groups for important skills like balance, walking, running, writing amongst many others.
• A cubby house encourages a kid outdoors which has the obvious benefits of fresh air and sunshine, but they also get more connected to nature and learn to appreciate our environment more.
• A cubby house encourages independence as kids learn to play by themselves which also allows them to find their passions in life
• A cubby house is your child’s own special place, a place to call their own. Having this space will allow them the freedom to play away from rules and structures and learn in their own way. They will learn important life skills in this special space. It can be a place for them to calm down, enjoy peace and quiet, have playdates with friends, do their homework or just chill. It’s theirs away from the adult rules and boundaries that we set.
• A cubby house encourages bonding with parents. It has been well documented and researched that if parents take just 20 minutes out of each day to spend with their child it will have a huge impact on the parent, child bond. The rule for this is that it has to be uninterrupted time away from all distractions. The adult needs to get to the child’s level and let the child lead the play time. Now imagine having this time in a cubby house? There are no distractions like phones ringing, dishwashers calling to be emptied, or washing to be folded. It will be your own special time with your child that will build that special bond.

These are the amazing benefits of a cubby house, and if you’re interested in buying one, please check in to our Facebook page for the latest updates or check our homepage for the latest updates.

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