When Your Kids Want a Harry Potter Party Using Their Cubby House

Whether it is for their birthday, a special event or ‘just because’ a Harry Potter party is fun and exciting. This is especially true when you use your backyard toy, a cubby house or fort to play the biggest part: Hogwarts! What fun your kids will have when they get to party on as a wizard in the most favorite of all wizarding schools. Here are some tips that will make the party a success!

Turn your front door into the Hogwarts Express entrance by placing a brick door way. You can use large cardboard bricks and make a maze or drape a paper doorway that is painted like bricks. Place a sign above or to the side of the door saying ‘Platform 9 3/4’.

Arrange a ball toss by setting up a Quidditch goal with three rings that the kids can toss the balls through. Keep points and the kids with the most win the game. If you have a large group of kids, divide them into teams of 4 to 6.

Post a sign with directional points to where the children should go to do things at the party. Name all of the areas after places in the books.

Make themed snacks for the kids to enjoy. For instances you can easily create acid pops by wetting a tootsie roll pop and rolling it in pop rocks. Be sure to have a place where it will stand up to dry, a chunk of Styrofoam works.

By a chocolate mold and make chocolate frogs for the party or to give out as part of the favor bag. You can also order some of the other candies talked about in the book, like Bertie Botts Every Flavored Beans.

Inside the cubby house, hang electronic candles from the ceiling with clear fishing wire and use glow in the dark star stickers on dark fabric to look like the night sky. This way the inside will look like the great dining hall.

Have a scavenger hunt outside of the cubby house and decorate the area like the Forbidden Forests.

Since you have one cubby house, you can turn it into the Gryffindor Tower and Common room, having all the guests be in Gryffindor to make things easy for decorating colors. Also, give each guest a wand, make it a games as to what type of wand it is.

The most important part of the party is for kids to have fun. What is wonderful about this theme is you will have a minimal fuss to clean up, as it is all being done outside!

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