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Cubby houses, like the Alpine Lodge Swing Gym Cubby House, are for sale all over Australia and can be delivered right to your backyard.
Price: $2497.00
Size: 2400 x 3000

Alpine Swing Gym - Fun and Excitement With the Outdoor Swing Gym!

Do you want to make sure that your kids get plenty of outdoor activity while they are enjoying their new cubby house? If you are intent on ensuring that your kids stay active and engaged outdoors, we have something special for you. The experts at Kitcraft have put together one of our classic, large sized cubby houses along with a full set of swings. What child doesn't like swings? The fact is that swings are consistently some of our most sought after accessories -- and with the Alpine Swing Gym, you will have three of them alongside a kids cubby house.

Kids love swings, and you definitely don't want the kids at your house to be fighting over them. That's why we've made sure that in addition to our full sized 2,400 x 2,400 cubby house with 2,600 height, you get three sturdy swings. The Alpine Swing Gym is intended to last for many years, and can even help you entertain the youngsters in a growing family. With so much space, you will have no trouble catering to your own kids and even allowing your family members to invite all of their young friends to play on the Alpine Swing Gym.

The Alpine Swing Gym is built to last for a full decade or more with just light maintenance on your part. How do we make sure that it will stand up to all of the play it will see over that time? At Kitcraft cubbies, we provide only the best cubby houses made from genuine Australian timber. This means our products are head and shoulders above the kind of cheap cubby house that you will see from other brands. We are a legitimate Australian company operating out of Western Australia for over seventeen years, so you can rest assured we understand. wanting the best in wooden cubby houses are right hereat Kitcraft D-I-Y cubbyhouse experts.

The Alpine Swing Gym has more features and add-ons than some of our other cubby houses, but that does not mean it is difficult to assemble or maintain. Each and every one of our cubby houses is intended to be constructed by our customers at home with no outside assistance of any kind. It usually takes only a few hours at the most to assemble a full sized cubby house using our instructions. Each of our cubby houses comes as a set of pre-cut pieces you can easily put together. Many additional toys are also available for your kids' enjoyment.
By Peta St James

Safety Is a Top Concern at KitCraft

Each of our DIY kits for cubby houses and forts, including the Wallaby Lodge cubby house, are created with safety in mind. Because we at KitCraft believe kids need to run, climb, jump and play in the great outdoors as much as possible, we strongly feel that their toys should be sturdy and secure with strong supports made from the finest organic timber which is sanded down to a smooth feel. The windows are glassless and the toys are sturdy. Kids can be tough on their toys therefore we make our cubby houses, forts and outdoor toys strong enough to take it!

We Ship Our DIY Kits All Over Australia

When you order the Wallaby Lodge cubby house, it will be shipped in kit form right to your door. Here at KitCraft Cubby Houses and Forts we ship our DIY kits all over Australia. You will receive your kit in pre-cut pieces with clear instructions that are easy to follow and with each piece clearly labeled. The cubbies are designed for the average handyman to put together with easy-to-read instructions, but should you have any questions there are consultants available to help through email and over the phone during normal business hours. Don't forget to let your little ones help where they can so they can feel a part of taking care of their special toy right from the beginning.


Colorbond Roof Colour Selection

Note: Screen colours provided as a guide only
Pale Eucalypt Deep Ocean Woodland Grey Zincalume
Pale Eucalypt Deep Ocean Woodland Grey Zincalume

Alpine Swing Gym Order Selection

(Width x Depth)
2400 X 3000 $2497.00

Accessory Pricing and Order Selection

Half door kit $24 Door knobs (plain) $5 Flower box $15
Full door kit $37 Letterbox $17 Skylight $39

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