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The Playlock Dog Feeder is a practical piece of small furniture that can help your dog have a more comfortable life - it's true! When you lift dog food off of the floor, you allow the dog to digest their food and water more easily than when they have to reach father down to get it. And at this price! How could you not want to help your dog with their digestion? The piece can also help you to keep their feeding area cleaner as the food is up off the ground. You will love the sturdiness and practical uses for the Playlock Dog Feeder.

About KitCraft's Playlock Kids' Furniture

Playlock is a unique brand of kids indoor furniture that your child will love throughout his childhood. They will get so much use out of this range of children's furniture - for both fun and organizational reasons. The toy boxes double as benches and places to sit things on, the chairs become massive elephants and fun bears. Your kids will have so much fun using their indoor Playlock furniture. The piece of furniture you order will be shipped to you flat with clear instructions on how to assemble. The pieces lock together so, you will not need any screws or glue.


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