Palasade Horse Jump
Australian-Made Cross Country Horse Jumps

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Palasade Horse Jump

The Palasade Horse Jump is made from organic Australian timber in a solid design used in cross country jumping. The natural wood can be ordered stained, or you can paint it to match your training arena. The Palasade Fence is positioned at 45 degree angle, that leans into the direction from which the show horse is jumping. This angle invites the horse to jump making the Palasade Horse Jump a great training tool.

Throughout history Palasades are temporary structures used to secure land boundaries around a castle or village square that is being built. At this time, it was constructed with trunks of trees, which are aligned vertically without any space between them and the shape of trunks would have a pointed top. This type of fencing around the castle would keep enemies at bay but allow the horses of the men at arms to jump into battle when needed. At times there would be a moat dug on the outside of the fencing or it was placed on a steep hill. Now the most advanced Palasade jumps have water or ditch added so that the horse is jumping into empty space before it touches down.

At KitCraft, we offer the handmade horse jumps made from Australian hardwood are available in various sizes. It is a popular jump in training arenas as it can be used with horses and riders from the beginner to the most advanced.

Our standard at KitCraft surpasses any of our competition when it comes to each of our horse jumps. You cannot go wrong with the KitCraft Palasade Horse Jump in your home arena. Every arena should have one of our solid obstacles, like our Palasade, to jump over. Not only is it built with Australia's finest organic timber, it can be customized to suit your needs.

Handcrafted locally from Australian hardwood. Jumps are delivered flat packed with assembly instructions.

Sizes Avaiable

Height Width Spread Price
1. 45cm 240cm 40cm $445.00
2. 65cm 240cm 50cm $525.00
3. 80cm 300cm 60cm $625.00
4. 95cm 300cm 70cm $695.00

Custom jumps are available – contact us with your requirements and we’ll get back to you.


Order Selection

  Height Width Spread   Price
1. 45cm 240cm 40cm $445.00
2. 65cm 240cm 50cm $525.00
3. 80cm 300cm 60cm $625.00
4. 95cm 300cm 70cm $695.00

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