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The Peak Training your horse for cross country horse jumping in an effective manner is a serious matter of concern. It is a skill that every cross country jump horse must develop. A galloping horse is an amazing sight. How about trying, jumping and failing to attempt a jump in the obstacle on its way? That is indeed a terrible sight! You don’t want your horse to become victim of that in reality now do you? Then let’s fill you in with an important piece of training equipment that will get your horse through road-blocks such as this.
If you think your horse is all set for a little action then we have what your horse really needs: The Peak. Somewhat a slant obstacle would help your horse in learning to jump in a technical way. The Peak, is especially designed to train your horse for complex jumping so that it is no more a complex task in the future. When the running momentum is broken by this horse jump that is the moment when the galloping pace starts to build up in your horse. This is a very important equipment and a must-get if your horse, or an active pony for that matter, needs to develop some effective galloping skills within it.
The Peak is available in four sizes: 45 cm, 65 cm, 80 cm and 95 cm. The width for the first two sizes is the same, 240 cm, and that of the remaining two sizes is same, 300 cm. It could spread over an area of 40 – 70 cm, varying in accordance with the sizes. Also, consider the price range that is reasonable enough for such training horse jumping equipment and varies from size to size.
Another incredible option is that you can customize any equipment available, including The Peak, as per your requirements. This would change the pricing plan slightly too; that would be varying as you modify the horse jump by an increase or decrease in the length, width or the spreading area. It is made with local, Australian hardwood, timber. The toughness and reliability is guaranteed, you would not be disappointed!
Handcrafted locally from Australian hardwood. Jumps are delivered flat packed with assembly instructions.

Height Width Spread Price
1. 45cm 240cm 40cm $445.00
2. 65cm 240cm 50cm $525.00
3. 80cm 300cm 60cm $625.00
4. 95cm 300cm 70cm $695.00

Custom jumps are available – contact us with your requirements and we’ll get back to you.


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  Height Width Spread   Price
1. 45cm 240cm 40cm $445.00
2. 65cm 240cm 50cm $525.00
3. 80cm 300cm 60cm $625.00
4. 95cm 300cm 70cm $695.00

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