The Ski Horse Jump
Australian-Made Cross Country Horse Jumps

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The Ski horse jump

The Ski Horse Jump for KitCraft is built to last with solid organic Australian timber. The solid jump is able to be painted or stained or leave it in the beautiful natural color. The Ski is available in four sizes: 45 cm, 65 cm, 80 cm and 95 cm. The width for the first two sizes is the same, 240 cm, and that of the remaining two sizes is same, 300 cm.

At KitCraft, we offer the handmade horse jumps made from Australian hardwood are available in various sizes. It is a popular jump in training arenas as it can be used with horses and riders from the beginner to the most advanced. With solid jumps like our Ski Horse Jump, you will want to be sure to start your horse at the beginner level and practice your way to the advanced level.

Did you know in British show jumping prior to 1907, marks were arbitrary in horse jumping, including the 1900 Olympics. No marks were deducted for refusals though a competitor may have been asked to continue to the next obstacle for the sake of the spectators. Competitions could continue for as many rounds as the judges saw fit and often those with the least knockdowns were not even in the lineup. Thus forming the reason for the British Show Jumping Association.

Our standard at KitCraft surpasses any of our competition when it comes to each of our horse jumps. You cannot go wrong with the KitCraft Ski Horse Jump in your home arena. Every arena should have one of our solid obstacles, like our Ski Horse Jump, to jump over. Not only is it built with Australia's finest organic timber, it can be customized to suit your needs.

Height Width Spread Price
1. 45cm 240cm 40cm $445.00
2. 65cm 240cm 50cm $525.00
3. 80cm 300cm 60cm $625.00
4. 95cm 300cm 70cm $695.00

Custom jumps are available – contact us with your requirements and we’ll get back to you.


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  Height Width Spread   Price
1. 45cm 240cm 40cm $445.00
2. 65cm 240cm 50cm $525.00
3. 80cm 300cm 60cm $625.00
4. 95cm 300cm 70cm $695.00

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